4 Fresh Souvenir Ideas for Company Events

People often associate loot bags with personal events like children’s parties, baby showers, and weddings, but party favors have a place in corporate events and activities, too. Just like in personal gatherings, souvenirs from a company activity can make the attendees feel that their presence is appreciated. But making your guests and clients feel great isn’t the sole purpose of giving away loot bags; they can also be used to market your brand and services or products.


How can loot bags build your brand?

Loot bags can be used in a variety of ways that can benefit your business and affect other people’s perception of it. For example, the contents of the loot bag can reinforce your company’s values. If one of your company’s major thrusts is environment protection, then you can include recycled materials in the loot bags to subtly let the participants know about the projects you care about. Aside from these, you can also include donations, made in the name of the attendees, to the causes the company supports.

Additionally, the loot bags can make the entire event more memorable and, in turn, help market the event­ and your company. You can make memorable souvenirs like woven lanyards or embossed silicone wristbands that bear the name, date, and venue of the event. There are plenty of retailers that offer wholesale wristbands and bulk lanyards for a cheaper price. You can also include samples of your company’s products or discount vouchers for your services to add value to the loot bag.


How do you choose an appropriate corporate souvenir?

There are, of course, a few key differences when choosing souvenir items for personal events and corporate ones. Remember that loot bags for corporate events represent the host company in a way, so a lot of thought should be given to the item’s value and its significance to the company and to the event participants. The item may or may not have any connection to the event, but its quality should reflect the kind of service or product one can expect from your company. Here are some cost-friendly loot bag suggestions that you can easily get from the market:

  1. Something to drink with. Mugs used to be one of the go-to souvenir items for company events, but coasters and tumblers are just as useful to people who need their morning coffee or tea. You can easily customize them by incorporating the logo of your company or the charity or organization you are supporting. You can give these away to employees and clients alike and add them to loot bags to sweeten the package. You’re sure that the recipients will be able to use them in the office or in their own homes.
  2. Assorted healthy snacks. The gift of healthy snacks is something that food enthusiasts and health buffs alike will appreciate. It’s the kind of souvenir that provides recipients with guilt-free and fresh flavors. It shows that your company cares about their health and wellbeing. Send a box filled with assorted snacks made of healthy ingredients to a client company or distribute a selection of healthy snacks at the end of your event.
  3. Donations to a particular cause. We’ve mentioned it earlier but making a donation to a cause that your company and event attendees support is a gift that highlights the values of your company. It’s a great way to make a positive change, boost advocacies you believe in, and strengthen your company’s image to the general public. You can offer to donate in behalf of your company or event attendees or give discount vouchers to establishments and organizations that support the same causes you believe in.
  4. Quirky or colorful gadgets. Power banks, charging cables, mini speakers, and earphones are easily appreciated by people who just can’t be without their gadgets, but you don’t have to limit yourself to electronic items. You can also give corporate gifts in the form of wine openers, tool sets, and even 3D puzzles. Practicality should be a top priority, but items that are brimming with character can also make a great impression on the receiver.

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