4 Reasons to Choose Wristbands from Wristband Creation

Fact: silicone wristbands are everywhere. They’ve been around since the 1980s, but they gained widespread attention in 2004 when then racing champion Lance Armstrong wore a bright yellow Livestrong bracelet to promote awareness about cancer and raise funds for people affected by the disease. This bracelet was developed in cooperation with footwear and apparel multinational Nike. Since then, silicone wristbands have become a popular, affordable fundraising tool around the world.

Another fact: following this growth in popularity of silicone wristbands, numerous wristband suppliers offering wholesale wristbands packages have popped up across the world. While an abundance of choices does make it more convenient for organizations or businesses that are looking for the right wristband suppliers, this also makes the process of choosing a little more complicated—if you don’t know whom to trust, that is. When you get to know about Wristband Creation, however, your search for a reliable supplier becomes easier. Here are five reasons to help make our case.

Highly Customizable Wristbands

Let’s face it: most silicone wristbands are simple items. The most common “design” you will encounter would probably be one or two colors with accompanying text and a logo on it. As such, it can be very easy for a silicone wristband to get drowned in a sea of accessories, like watches, bracelets, and bangles.

However, simplicity is actually what works for silicone wristbands. They are blank templates that are just waiting for you to unleash your creativity. Whether you apply color-blocking, psychedelic swirls, stylized fonts, monograms, or personalized icons and logos, a silicone wristband is a small but very capable canvass that you can customize to promote your brand and cause.


We at Wristband Creation understand colors’ potential for sparking inspiration, which is why we have dedicated teams that ensure that  your wristbands make the most of colors. Do you love red? Why stop there when you can explore all the different shades! Carmine, crimson, lava, magenta, Rosso Corsa, scarlet, Tuscan, Venetian—you name it, you can have it. Wristband Creation offers all clients the entire selection of the Pantone Matching System, so you can choose any color and shade you desire. We guarantee to match your color choice and replicate it onto your wristbands.

Fonts and Logos

At Wristband Creation, our wristband widths range from half an inch to two inches to ensure comfort and style. But because wristbands have limited real estate upon which you can display your branding and message, we also have recommended fonts that you can make use of. Most of these feature solid, clean lines and minimal flourishes for optimum visibility and readability. However, if you have a preferred font that’s more in line with your design or branding needs, we would be more than happy to accommodate your request. And to make sure that we meet your style requirements, we will send a layout of the artwork for your review and approval before we begin production.

Apart from different fonts, Wristband Creation also provides a wide range of pre-made icons and logos to choose from, adding a little character to a rather basic, text-only wristband. If none of our icons and logos match the design you have in mind, or if you have an official company or organization logo that you would like us to use, just send it to us through email or include it in your order form.

Embossed or debossed designs

The simplest way to create text and icons on your wristbands is to simply imprint it on the surface of the silicone. However, if you want to make the design stand out even more, you have the option of debossing or embossing it on the wristbands. With debossing, the text or design is sunken into the surface of the silicone, whereas with embossing, the text or design is raised against the surface. To further liven up your design, you can also choose to have the debossed or embossed letters, logos, or icons to be of a different color (or colors) from the main surface of the wristband.

Wristband Creation also offers dual layer and figured wristbands. A dual-layer wristband uses a special type of imprinting wherein the outer side is sprayed with a different color, while the debossed portion and inner side remains the same color as the original wristband. The outside surface is also made more glossy using a special oil spray, which makes the design stand out a bit more than the standard matte look.

Figured wristbands, meanwhile, feature a small section that juts out from the sides of the wristband. This part can be customized with a logo, symbol, or stylized text. Combined with a wide variety of colors, fonts, and sizes, Wristband Creation’s figured wristbands are sure to stand out from the otherwise basic “baller band” variant.

To further customize your wristbands, you can add sequential numbers (ideal for wristbands used as identification tags), use glitters, or even add a keyring to convert your wristband into a keychain. Packaging options, meanwhile, include individual plastic packaging as well as flat board and card inserts. You can also choose to provide your own packaging design, which will be printed on a white, opaque polybag.

Low Prices, No Minimum Order Required

Apart from being quick and easy to produce by the thousands, silicone wristbands are also very affordable, making them ideal as giveaways or as fundraising or promotional materials. Depending on how many bracelets you order, Wristband Creation can quote prices as low as $0.06 per piece. You also get free 100 wristbands for orders of 100 pieces or more, making it even easier for you to raise funds or awareness and gather support for your cause.

But who says you need to order thousands? If you want to make a unique statement by creating a one-of-a-kind wristband just for yourself, we can make you one. There are no minimum orders required. It doesn’t matter if you just need 50 wristbands for the members of your school’s art club, or maybe just 10 for your closest group of friends. Just fill out our order form, and let us know what and how many you want. You can order from one to several thousand wristbands if you want. That’s right—if you want to order just ONE wristband, complete with your own customized fonts and logos, Wristband Creation can make it happen for you.

Apart from our very affordable prices, we also have multiple payment options, including all major credit cards, PayPal, Amazon Payments, checks, and bank transfers. For clients who are not in the United States, we also ship internationally. We have already previously shipped our products to different countries around the world, including the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. The cost of shipping depends on how soon you want the products to arrive on your doorstep.

Quality Wristbands, Every Single Time

Wristband Creation has been making silicone bracelets since 2005, and we’ve never had any complaints regarding the quality of our products—no snapping, no change in texture, and no change in elasticity. Made of environment-friendly, 100% latex-free, premium-quality silicone rubber, you can be sure that any wristband you order from us will last through the years. With their high tensile strength, they retain their shape, roundness, and firmness even through repeated pulling. If you’re familiar with or own a Livestrong bracelet, our silicone bracelets are on a par with that product based on quality.

To make your already heavy-duty wristbands even more durable, you can also opt to make them 3 millimeters thick, instead of the usual 2 millimeters thick. You can also choose to have us add natural plant oils to make your wristbands insect-repellent. These DEET-free oils are guaranteed to be safe, even for kids, adding even more value to the final product. If you want to test and feel the premium quality of our wristbands for yourself, you may request for samples, which we can send to you without additional charges—just pay for the shipping.

What’s more, should the wristbands you receive not match your specifications or meet your expected output, we’ll be happy to reproduce them at no extra cost. That’s how confident we are in the quality of our products!

Making a Difference, One Wristband at a Time

Giving out wristbands is one of the easiest ways to promote and raise awareness for a cause. Just use striking colors and easy-to-read fonts, and you’ll be drawing attention toward your organization or foundation’s mission and purpose in no time at all.

We at Wristband Creation like giving back to our communities and customers by showing support to various non-profits, including the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation (ADDF), which supports scientists all over the world who are continuously studying and researching new drugs to prevent, treat, and cure Alzheimer’s disease. This condition affects more than 44 million people worldwide. We also support the Canadian Liver Foundation (CLF), which dedicates itself to liver research that can help properly diagnose, treat, and cure liver disease. The organization supports researchers, doctors, and donors who “bring liver research to life.”

Wristbands may be as simple an accessory as they can get, but they won’t be as ubiquitous as they are now if people don’t see and appreciate their value, whether it’s for fashion or for charity. Wristband Creation acknowledges the myriad possibilities that silicone wristbands open not only for different organizations and businesses, but also for individuals—and that’s why we’re dedicated to producing the best quality wristbands in the best possible prices. Let’s work together, shall we?

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