4 Ways to Make Your Silicone Wristband Giveaways More Unique

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One of the most popular freebies during events nowadays, whether it be a professional or a leisure-oriented one, is a customized silicone wristband. This is no surprise, since this is an affordable item that’s also easy to produce in bulk. What’s more, with various styles available and technologies like the Pantone Matching System, you won’t be limited design-wise even with the small surface area of the wristband.

However, the trouble with popular items is that you might fall in the rut of the usual, like putting your company’s name and logo on them. And while there’s nothing wrong with these branded wristbands, they don’t have much by way of originality. So how do you make your silicone wristband giveaways standout from the crowd? Here are a few suggestions from the Wristband Creation Team.

Autograph It

If you have famous guests, you can have their autographs debossed or embossed on the wristband. This can also serve as another way to attract more people to join your event, apart from giving more value to your simple giveaway. Of course, so as not to decrease the worth of your esteemed guest’s signature, you should have a control system in place. One could be that only a limited number of people — say, the early birds — will get the autographed wristbands. You can also slightly increase the registration fee for people who want to get these giveaways. For a truly exclusive feel, you can even print sequential numbers on the inside of the wristband.

Leave the Outside Blank

Now before you raise your eyebrows and say “What’s the point?”, hear us out. You can still put your brand and/or your advocacy on the inside of the wristband. Leaving the outside blank gives your attendees a chance to truly personalize their giveaways. You can even make it into a competition: the person with the best design will receive prizes and have their customized wristbands reproduced, to be given away on the next edition of your event. Not only did you cultivate creativity and inject some good fun into your event, you’ve also given budding artists a small platform to showcase their talent and be seen by more people. Now that’s a true bargain for such a simple item!

Use Both Sides of the Wristband

Most event organizers only utilize the outside of the wristband. It’s a logical choice since it’s the more visible side, anyway. However, if you have something more to say, you can always opt for dual-layer wristbands from Wristband Creation. You can use the inside of the wristband for additional text, say if you want to have your business or organization associated with a slogan. You can even call more attention to the message on the inside of the wristband by having it designed in a more eye-catching color. These two-sided wristbands can also be used to encourage interaction within the audience, say having them look for their “partners” with matching or complementary messages.

Use a Figured Wristband

If you want to stick to the basics and just want the maximum exposure for your brand and logo, then you can go the way of the figured wristband. It’s simply a silicone wristband with a shape (Wristband Creation’s figured wristbands feature a circle) attached seamlessly, which you can customize with a symbol or any other image your prefer because its one of those printable wristbands. If your business or organization has a big or a detailed logo, a figured wristband will give your more space to accommodate the details. It will also make your logo more noticeable and therefore more memorable — a bonus for new businesses or smaller ones participating alongside mega corporations.

Silicone wristbands may be common souvenirs, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make them more creative or more hardworking for both you and the attendees. Take one of these routes the next time you’re giving away wristbands during an event and see how much more you’ll be remembered.

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