4 Ways to Show Your Store Customers that You Appreciate Them

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Loyal customers are the bread and butter of any retail shop. Store owners must dedicate time and effort in making sure that they have programs in place for converting one-time customers into returning ones. At the same time, though, they simply can’t ignore the needs of their loyal clients. To keep their existing customers constantly engaged in the business, retailers need to make them feel that they are valued and appreciated.

Promotions are often used to entice customers to keep on coming back, but promos aren’t the only way to encourage customer loyalty. How can you show your customers that their presence is appreciated in your store and that you want them to keep on coming back? Here are 4 cost-effective ways that can help you do just that:

  1. Offer store-exclusive freebies. One of the best ways to make your customers feel appreciated and to foster a sense of community in your store is by giving out exclusive freebies or gifts. These items shouldn’t be available anywhere else but at your store and should only be accessible to a limited number of people. Aside from being highly exclusive, these items should also have your brand or logo printed on it. You can easily order customized hard enamel lapel pins, special party wristbands, or colorful silicone wristbands just for this purpose. Aside from showing appreciation for your customers, these items can also make your brand more visible to others. Make sure that the item you choose can be worn or used regularly and that it is made of high quality materials that reflect the quality of items one can expect from your shop.
  2. Recognize them. Everyone craves recognition, including your regular customers. If your store keeps an active database, you can show your customers how much your establishment appreciates their constant presence in myriad ways. To celebrate their birthday, for example, you can send them a personalized email or a discount code that they can use on their next visit. You can also ramp up your store’s customer service to make each customer feel that they belong to a community. Coffee shops, for example, make it a point to know the names of their regulars. You can do the same in your store with the help of a point-of-sale system and staff that’s well-versed in the best practices in retail and customer service. You can also take advantage of your store’s social media accounts to acknowledge your regulars.
  3. Give them exclusive benefits. Perks and incentives help foster customer loyalty. You can give your regular customers special discounts after they’ve spent a certain amount or reached a predetermined number of loyalty points. In addition, you can give your regular and most valuable customers access to early holiday discounts and items. All these perks and incentives can really make a difference not only in forming a closer bond with your customers, but also in ensuring their loyalty to your store for years to come.
  4. Request feedback from them. One of the best ways to show appreciation for your customers is to let them know that their opinion matters. Make sure your customers know that you value their comments, and encourage them to give feedback on your newest promos and programs. You can do this by sending them personalized survey questionnaires through e-mail or, if they don’t seem to be in a rush when making purchases, by asking them in person when they visit the store. Aside from showing appreciation for your customers, this will also help you gather useful feedback that you can use to improve your store and promos.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to foster a good relationship with your customers. Keep these 4 tips in mind and you’ll have an easier time making your new and returning clients feel welcome in your shop.

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