5 Benefits of Using Wristbands for Your Event

5 Benefits of Using Wristbands for Your Event


Are you planning on running a huge event? If so, then you may have heard about the recent trend of swapping out tickets for wristbands instead. While it’s easy to assume that it’s just a temporary fad that only adds unnecessary complexity to what should be just a simple event trinket, there is actually some wisdom to this relatively new phenomenon.

Sure, it’s going to add a bit more to your event overhead, but the practical advantages of using custom wristbands are something that even the most budget-conscious of event organizers will want to look at. Here are those advantages.

Wristbands are harder to lose, leave behind, or forget than ticket stubs.

When it comes to the most common difficulties that event-goers often experience, one of them will always be related to losing their tickets or leaving them behind at home. It’s not necessarily their fault. After all, as cheap as tickets are to produce and distribute, they are still pieces of paper or cardboard that can be easily lost in a bag or wallet. They’re also very light and fragile, which makes them easy to get damaged to the point of unrecognizability. This could result in the ticket being unverifiable for entry purposes, inconveniencing both you and your eventgoer.

In contrast, wristbands are highly visible and durable, thanks to their bright colors and tough rubber construction. Because of this, they have a lower chance of being lost or damaged that they can’t be used to enter your event. The fact that wristbands can be worn around the wrist also eschews the need for your eventgoers to store them in their pockets or purses, further decreasing the chances of them being lost or missed.

Wristbands are easier to check and verify than ticket stubs.

Checking identification or tickets can be draining on your staff, especially if the event you’re planning is going to be a high-volume one. Not only will they have to scan tickets and verify IDs against a database each and every single time, but they’ll also have to focus on doing it quickly and efficiently. Otherwise, long lines could form at your event’s entrances, which seem great at first until you remember that waiting in lines is something that easily drives customers nuts.

Having a customized wristband as the ticket to your event dramatically cuts down the time it takes for your event goer to get processed and verified for entry. All they need to do is wear it and then hold it up for your staff members to look at it in order to be allowed access. No more rummaging through their pockets or purses for a ticket, and no more checking against a database/master list either. All this results in faster ingress/egress, as well as the elimination of any bottlenecks and queues.

Wristbands are harder to counterfeit.

Let’s face facts here: unless you invest in heavy watermarking and other anti-counterfeiting tech, the tickets to your event—or any other event for that matter—can easily be faked. This can then result in lost revenue for you as well as a clear lack of security when it comes to your paying event-goers. It’s in your best interest in this case to use something that’s harder to fake than tickets, preserving both your event’s profitability as well as eventgoer safety.

Customized wristbands are your answer here. So long as you make sure that the design and print on them is unique to your event, then there’s a very slim chance that any enterprising counterfeiter can replicate it to the point that it can trick your verification staff. There are many ways you can make your wristband much more difficult to fake, such as having the branding embossed or debossed. You can also have it dual-layered for more color variance. The possibilities are endless—all you have to do is to be creative about it.

Wristbands adds another layer of visual flair to your event.

Besides being a better stand-in for tickets, event wristbands also add a completely new layer of visual flair and style to your event, which can easily enrich the experience of its attendees. For example, when you have your eventgoers wear them during the event itself, it gives them a visual reminder that they’re now part of a group of people with similar interests. No matter where they look or who they interact with during your event, they can easily see other people wearing the same kind of item on their wrists. This then gives your eventgoers a sense of belonging and collective joy, something that can’t easily be replicated no matter how fun or engaging the proceedings are.

Wristbands can serve as a way to further promote your brand or business.

Since you’ve already customized your event wristbands to be emblazoned with your event’s name and date, why not take the time to squeeze in a reference to your business as well? By making sure that they can find a way to contact you or your business on the wristband itself, you can turn your event goers into possible business leads. Depending on the success of your event, they may also become walking advertisements for you, as you can be sure they’ll be wearing the wristband for days to come in order to keep the memories fresh in their minds. It’s a definite win-win situation!


Don’t underestimate what using wristbands can do for your event. Swap out tickets for wristbands now or offer them as both an event pass and collectible. Before you know it, you’ll be reaping rewards you never thought possible. Just make sure that the manufacturing service and distributor you go with is a reputable one.

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