5 Most Common Uses for Silicon Wristbands

The silicon wristband has been around for decades now and has been used for many different things. These have been predominantly used for fund raising activities, with the most popular one being the Livestrong band, which was being promoted by Lance Armstrong in support of cancer awareness. This yellow wristband was launched in 2004 as a symbol of support for cancer research, and around 80 million of these have been sold ever since.

This is just an example of one of the most common uses of the wristband, and over the years, people have followed suit. More foundations and companies started using these wristbands to promote fund raising drives. Those who donated to these causes got these bands as a symbol of their support. These were also used not just as symbols of support, but also to help promote the cause itself, with the name of the foundation and the cause being printed onto these bands to facilitate this.

Wristbands made out of silicon are not exclusively used for fund raising and awareness drives. These are used for a lot of other purposes. Here are 5 of the most common uses of these wristbands:

Marketing tools – silicon wristbands have been used by many companies for marketing purposes for years now, and these are usually handed out during special company events. You will see these being given to the public during conferences, trade shows, and other similar events. These bracelets usually carry not only the company name, but also the company logo. At times these can carry the company slogan beside a small logo or company name.

Fundraising – as mentioned earlier, these are also used by charities and organizations to raise not only awareness about a specific cause, but to also raise money for such a cause. The Livestrong example that was cited earlier was used to raise awareness for cancer research and to help fund such a research.

Many others have also followed this path and have raised money for their individual causes with the use of silicon wristbands. Other charities and causes that have used wristbands for fund raising and awareness include those for different kinds of cancers, like those pink wristbands for breast cancer, white for lung cancer, and orange for leukemia.

Tickets and entry tagsthese have also been used by many establishments as entry tags or admission wristbands. These are most commonly used in this manner by theme parks and recreation facilities, with the color of the wristbands indicating which facilities and rides a person can access without having to pay extra. These are also used for concerts and other similar events, with these silicon wristbands doubling as souvenirs for such an event.

Decorative accessories – wristbands made out of silicon can also be used as an accessory, with such wrist decorations carrying unique messages, funny quotes, and the like. These come in a variety of colors, widths, shapes, sizes, and designs. These can also carry cartoon characters, symbols, and numbers. These can also come in more than one color. The possibilities are endless and the limit is often the imagination as well as the limitations of what a wristband maker can do.

Political wristbands – lately, these have found some use in politics, with people wearing such wristbands to support specific candidates. These can be distributed by campaign staff to help raise support for their chosen candidate, or distributed by supporters themselves to help encourage people to vote for the person they want to see in office. These silicon bracelets are usually printed with the candidate’s name and the position they are after, and these bands are usually made in the candidate’s colors or the party’s colors.

Not So Common Uses for Silicon Wristbands

Aside from these very common uses, people have also found other ways to utilize these durable bracelets. Here are some of the other uses people have for silicon wristbands:

Suitcase identification – who said a wrist band can only go on a person’s wrist? These wristbands can also be made to identify a person’s luggage, and these can be personalized to do just that. Wristbands that are used for this purpose can be written on by the owner of the bag and attached to the bag by way of cable ties or plastic zip ties.

Emergency ID – small children can get lost in crowded places, and having this wristband on them can help whoever finds them to get in touch with you when your child is found. This same bracelet design can be used for the elderly with Alzheimer’s or dementia, so that whoever comes across them will know who to contact for emergencies.

These are just a few of the ways that people use silicon wristbands. Since these are very durable, cost effective, and can last a long time, more and more people are finding more unique ways to utilize these tags. You will find these being used in schools, offices, special events, and many more.

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