5 Reasons Why Lanyards Should Be Part of Your Marketing Plans


It’s one thing to come up with a compelling marketing campaign, and it’s an entirely different thing to create a plan which can have a significant impact on your bottom line. However, not all marketing plans need to have a grand scale in mind for it to work. Sometimes, it’s the little things that can actually make a big splash.

Using cost-effective marketing tools are a great way to push the needle in the right direction. A good example of this is utilizing low cost accessories like lanyards as a tool to move your marketing campaign forward. This article will explain why something as simple as a lanyard can be one of the biggest windfalls you can invest in your marketing plans.

  1. Lanyards are a great way to show off your brand – There’s nothing more visible than someone wearing one of your branded lanyards during an event. It becomes even more eye-catching when you have something like a personalized ID or your company logo attached to the lanyard. You can even customize the color scheme to make it stand out even more, further enhancing your brand awareness to those around you.
  2. They make great giveaways during events – Giveaways during an event are a great way to mark one’s attendance during an event. Not only do attendees get to experience a great event, but they also get to take home something memorable from it as well—making lanyards the perfect giveaway item. While it’s possible to give away other items as memorabilia, lanyards can still be worn after the event and used as a practical accessory.
  3. Lanyards are accessories that have a lot of utility – The practicality and utility of a lanyard can be put to use in various ways. Aside from the most obvious use of attaching your company ID to it, it can also be used as a way to identify attendees that are at your event. Instead of giving out tickets or stamping people at the entrance, why not try using a trendy lanyard as a way to track attendees? Its use in and out of the event makes it a great dual purpose accessory that people can appreciate.
  4. Easy to customize and order – Lanyards make for a low cost advertising tool that you can easily implement with your marketing plans. Not only can they be easily customized to show off your brand or your company logo, they can also be ordered in bulk as an economical solution to your marketing needs. These lanyards can be printed with your company logo, slogans, mission statements, and other brands that you want to promote. You can event add your company’s contact info and website address, so people can easily get in touch with you.
  5. Far reaching marketing tool – Because of a lanyard’s practical use as an accessory, people who wear it can easily be recognized by others who see it. Imagine someone seeing someone who’s wearing a lanyard with an interesting design that catches your attention. You might be inclined to inquire where that person got it and how you can get one yourself. Having a lanyard with a great design can become an indispensable marketing tool that doesn’t sell itself too hard towards your intended audience.

While many people can underestimate the value of a lanyard, its value as a practical accessory can be just the thing to help give your own marketing campaign the push that it needs to get more traction. By utilizing it as part of your marketing plans, you’re sure to make an impact with your bottom line.

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