5 Strategies to Help Grow Your Nonprofit Organization

5 Strategies to Help Grow Your Nonprofit Organization

Growth is essential to any organization or business, and the same principle applies to nonprofit organizations. For a nonprofit organization, their growth means fulfilling its mission and taking the necessary steps to achieve its vision. The process to fulfill its mission is then relayed to the organization’s donors and other community members, which tells them that their money, time, and efforts are being used for the social issues they want to target.

Aside from these, a nonprofit organization’s growth helps them reach a wider audience. Reaching new people helps get more donors and volunteers. It also raises awareness on an issue that the nonprofit wants to resolve. For example, if your nonprofit organization wants to help feed children from underprivileged countries, sharing information about these children can encourage other people to donate money or volunteer to join your organization.

But marketing your nonprofit organization may not be easy, especially if it’s small and lacks resources and revenue. It can also be difficult for bigger nonprofit organizations if they don’t know how to utilize their resources properly. If you need help marketing your nonprofit organization, whether big or small, then these 5 strategies can help.

Embody Your Nonprofit Organization

The marketing efforts of your nonprofit organization should begin with you, your colleagues, as well as other volunteers. This process is incredibly helpful for smaller organizations that don’t have a lot of resources. If you’re a bigger organization, then aside from using yourself and your community members, using ambassadors can help you reach more people.

These people can embody your organization by wearing promotional clothes and accessories, such as t-shirts, spirit bands, or rubber bracelets, with your nonprofit’s logo or motto printed on them. The act of wearing something so visible can help start a conversation with your friends and family. Not only that, but if you are selling these materials, this can help create additional revenue for your organization.

Aside from wearing highly visible clothes and accessories to help promote your organization, everyone who’s part of your nonprofit should strive to talk about what you do regularly. If people around you hear your experiences and the reason for your service, it can help encourage others to participate. Even if your friends and family don’t participate, they might know other people who might be interested, and your friends and family can relay to them what your nonprofit organization does.

Invest in Your Nonprofit Organization’s Future

As a nonprofit organization, you should strive to achieve your vision. In general terms, this means planning and preparing for the long term. To help you achieve those goals, utilizing tools, software, and other resources is necessary. But if you end up using low-quality resources, they might break down and need to be replaced regularly. Following this trend can become costly investments in the long run, especially since this can divert funding away from certain projects or volunteer work.

You can also try buying or setting aside funding to help you acquire durable and long-lasting equipment. These pieces of equipment will depend on your cause and how you want to resolve it. But the basics can be similar to what a corporation needs, such as computers, cameras to help document your work, and more. These core equipment will help you manage and expand your organization.

Aside from long-lasting equipment, invest in employees and computer software to help you manage customer relations. Personalizing your emails and disclosing where donations go can make your organization more transparent and help your donors understand what you do. It is also proof that they can trust you and that your service is genuine. This type of transparency will encourage them to continue supporting your cause and share with their friends why they should contribute to your organization.

Utilize Multimedia Campaigns to Boost Your Nonprofit Organization’s Audience

Multimedia campaigns are incredibly helpful because the content that they produce are striking and can be digested immediately. In this digital age, campaigns usually include short-form content that can easily get your message across. This is especially true when it comes to video content. Videos are more eye-catching and can tell a story in a few minutes, but creating video campaigns can be quite expensive.

Other multimedia campaigns can be utilized if you’re a small organization with a limited budget. These campaigns can be infographics of data or statistics or tidbits of facts about your cause.

Aside from infographics, you can use single photos with captions to relay your message or raise awareness of a social issue. Going back to the example of an organization whose goal is to feed children from underprivileged countries, you might use a single photo of a child holding an empty plate. The caption can be on the photo or the text box of your chosen platform.

Multimedia campaigns like these can catch the attention of people who might be interested in helping out. These campaigns can also encourage those who might not have initially supported your cause and now want to start donating or volunteering for your organization.

Create a Story That Resonates with Your Nonprofit Organization’s Mission and Vision

When using multimedia campaigns, especially for video content, the best way to make them striking is to have a story. Most audiences don’t see or experience the struggle involved in your cause or social issue. This is where your video campaign can come in, as videos can make the issue tangible to your viewers.

Aside from using stories on your video campaigns, a story can also be helpful for photo campaigns, especially if you’re using photo sets on social media. Your photo sets can also keep people engaged and encourage them to follow the threads of your story until the very end. You can use the last photo to talk about how your organization takes specific strides to support its advocacy, and you can also include a call to action on how they can contribute to your organization.

Promote Your Nonprofit Organization Online

Most nonprofit organizations use websites and email campaigns to inform their donors, volunteers, and new audiences of what they do and how they fight for their cause. But websites and emails are not enough. Most websites tend to be forgettable or are infrequently updated. Emails, on the other hand, can help strengthen bonds between your organization and donors but have limited reach.

Conversely, a well-designed social media campaign can fill in the gaps for websites and emails. As social media campaigns typically utilize short-form content, these platforms can be used to regularly update your community members. Your organization’s social media account can also be convenient platform to reach more people. Most social media platforms will even allow you to promote campaigns for a fee, so your content isn’t limited to a single demographic or type of audience.

Using your social media accounts, email campaigns, and websites for your organization builds your online presence, so you can establish what your organization does. It can also help promote events, gain volunteers for projects, reach new donors, and more.

Whether you’re a big or small nonprofit, growing your organization should be one of your goals. The growth of your organization means that you can help more people and raise awareness of your cause. Use the strategies discussed above to expand your reach and eventually achieve the vision you’ve set out for your organization.