5 Things to Consider to Make Your Promotional Giveaways Stand Out

Handing out promotional products is a cost-effective solution to improve brand awareness while also strengthening customer loyalty. Most people appreciate receiving an item for free, and typically have a favorable impression of the brands they receive them from.

To help you make the most out of your promotional giveaways, listed are five best practices to consider.

Decide What Your Goal Is

Promotional items can be used either to introduce your company to your target market or to help them remember your brand. You need to decide what the goal of your giveaway is before you consider anything else.

If you’re just starting out, you may want to offer a free trial of your service or a sample of your physical product to start some form of engagement with customers. This also helps them become more familiar with your company. If they like what you offer, they would be more willing to purchase your product or service.

You may also decide to use your promotional giveaway as a form of passive marketing. A slap bracelet, for instance, is an affordable and effective way to promote your brand during a youth event, trade expo, or any other physical show. Some companies use their slap bracelets to show solidarity for a specific cause, while others offer custom products as a display of gratitude.

Determine Where You Are Giving Away Your Products

Are you handing out items in a trade expo, publicizing an online event, or a combination of both? It’s a good idea to choose a method of entry that gets you the most coverage and impressions, depending on who your target market is.

If you cater to the youth, you may have more engagement if you have an online giveaway that you promote on social media platforms. Be aware that most social media sites have special rules about running promos, so make sure to read up on any restrictions beforehand.

Keep in mind as well that promotional giveaways are not limited to contests. You can decide to give something away in exchange for an email address to build your marketing list or even just want to offer a freebie to loyal customers.

Make Your Giveaway Relevant to Your Brand

slap bands

Go the extra mile to make sure that your giveaway is aligned with your company values while also being relevant to your customers. The goal of any promotional giveaway is for your brand to be remembered—so take the time to ensure that it’s giving the right impression.

It would be counterproductive if you gave a freebie made entirely out of plastic if you’re an eco-conscious brand. Similarly, a custom yoga mat would be out of place if your company deals with scrap recycling.

Think about what your brand stands for and what your customers would appreciate using. As a good rule of thumb, agnostic promotional products, such as ballpoint pens and coffee mugs, are good places to start as almost everyone uses these items in their daily life.

Keep Promos Urgent

If you decide to host an online promotional giveaway, make sure that your promo lasts for an appropriate time, in which it maintains its urgency to your target audience. You want to give your customers enough time to enter your giveaway, but not so long that they no longer feel the need to take any action.

Most promotional product giveaways last for a week. You can use this time frame as a baseline and adjust as needed, depending on the engagement you’ve received. In general, though, longer promos are intended for more expensive prizes.

If you plan to give away items during a trade expo or physical event, you can still create a sense of urgency by announcing how many items you have left. An underrated marketing strategy is what experts call FOMO or the “Fear of Missing Out.” When you announce that you only have a certain number of items to give away, people experience FOMO and will most likely go to your booth just to receive their item for free.

Have Post-Giveaway Publicity

Keep engagement alive by showing people happily receiving and using your promotional giveaway. One of the biggest mistakes a company can make is thinking that their giveaway is just a one-off event. Just because an event is over doesn’t mean that you can’t capitalize on it. Post winners on your social media, publish a press release, or ask people to give feedback. Regardless, having some sort of post-giveaway publicity keeps your company visible in a positive way.

It’s also a good idea to remain in contact with giveaway winners if their prize was a free trial or sample from your company. These winners can provide valuable feedback and may even become brand ambassadors if they really like your product.

Don’t make the mistake of believing that promotional giveaways are ineffective marketing strategies. When planned carefully and executed properly, they can greatly benefit your brand, attracting new customers while maintaining a healthy relationship with existing ones.


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