5 Tips on How to Creatively Promote Your Event

5 Inexpensive Ways to Promote Your Company Event

When it comes to promoting an event, it’s best to use original and creative means. It’s true that simply sticking to traditional methods—such as TV and print ads—is still undoubtedly effective in getting more eyes towards your event. However, the fact that such methods are so commonly and widely used means that there’s a high chance that your event’s promotional efforts will be lost in the many ads we see and encounter every single day. Not only can this result in a very lukewarm reception to your event, but it also means that all the effort and resources you put into those ads will be for naught.

As such, putting some effort into promoting your event in creative ways will surely pay off. The more creative you are in your promotional efforts, the more your event will stand out in prominence among your competitors.  Doing so will also increase the recall factor of your event, cementing its presence in the minds of your potential customers and target audience.

To help you get started with this, we’ve compiled a list of tips on how to creatively promote your event.

Use colorful and functional freebies as promotional giveaways

One of the most creative and endearing ways that you can promote an event is by giving away useful items that have been customized to sport branding or advertising about the event itself. Such giveaways can be anything from useful items like pens, baseball caps, and shirts to wearables like wristbands, ID lanyards, and enamel pins. Everyone loves freebies after all, even if they’re prominently displaying a particular company’s branding or advertising.

If offering giveaways sound difficult or expensive, then you’ll be pleased to know that this isn’t the case. Websites like WristbandCreation offer promotional materials and can even customize them to your exact demands. In addition, they’re also quite affordable especially when bought in bulk. The materials used in the making of such items are of high quality, ensuring that your company’s name and event isn’t associated with items that feel cheap or fragile to use.

Take advantage of social media

Interested in marketing your event while also engaging with your target audience, all for the modest price of absolutely nothing? If so, then you should definitely try promoting your event through your company’s social media page. Doing so is completely free of charge, and you get to connect with your customers in a relaxed and informal way. This promotes your event while at the same time helps give your company a human face for your customers to relate to.

Just remember to have your best social media-inclined employees handle it, as it’s very easy to screw up interacting with customers through social media if done incorrectly. The tone and delivery of your message needs to align carefully with your audience to avoid negative reactions and bad publicity.

Invite celebrities or industry influencers into your event

Another way to quickly drum up a lot of buzz and hype about your event is to invite high-profile personalities related to your industry to your event. You can have them either speak or just be there as honored guests. Doing this gives your customers even more reason to attend your event, as well as lend a large amount of credibility to the event itself. Just remember that this could cost your company a pretty penny, as you may have to fly out the influencer to your event, especially if they’re from overseas. You’ll also have to take care of their accommodations and other necessities, so keep these added costs in mind.

Get big name corporations to sponsor your event

In the same vein as getting well-known influencers to attend your event, you can attract even more attention by having large companies sponsor your event for you. It’s a win-win situation for both parties involved: they advertise your event and help you with funding, while you promote their company name and products during the event itself. Everyone benefits, and you get the added star power of having such huge names associated with your brand as well.

Create unique content

If you want to be truly creative with how you market your event, then try publishing original content on a regular basis, either on your company’s website or on your personal one. This can be anything from blog posts, videos, or even a podcast. This gives your event that much more memory recall as it’s being promoted alongside original and valuable content, especially if you ensure that the content you’re producing is as useful and valuable as it is promotional.

One example is to promote your cooking event. Let’s say you’re trying to promote an upcoming cooking event that you’re organizing. Why not promote through a blog post that prominently features a certain recipe or a video depicting the step-by-step process of that particular recipe it. The possibilities are endless—you just have to make sure that there’s a valid connection to the event with the content that you make.

Promoting an event always requires creativity to be memorable and successful

In today’s age where potential customers are bombarded with advertisements and promotional material every single day, it’s important to inject creativity in your promotional efforts in order to stand out. Take advantage of the tips listed above to generate the maximum amount of buzz for your upcoming event.

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