5 Types of Giveaways You Can Use to Promote Your Event

Setting up an event can be quite a stressful ordeal as an event organizer. Not only do you have to worry about things like general logistics and guest management, but you also have to make sure that the overall experience that your visitors have is a good one.

One small yet sure way to ensure that your guests have a good time is to offer them a small token to remember the event by. This is why it pays to be thoughtful towards your event’s participants. While not everyone can remember every small detail of your event, the small trinkets and freebies that they bring home from it can serve as a good reminder of what the event was like.

If you’re looking to leave a good impression on your guests and impart to them a bit of your branding, then here are just some ideas on the type of giveaways that you can give to your visitors.



Wearing something that you received during an event is a great way to remember the experience. Event goers can get a lot of practical use out of a cap or a t-shirt that’s branded with your company or event logo, even well after the event has ended. You can also consider a smaller accessory like using a custom wristband for marketing purposes. Items like this can be used for a lot of practical applications in everyday life, making them an ideal giveaway for many people.

Another great thing about giveaways like these is the relatively low cost to have them manufactured. You can even have more than one type of wearable giveaway made for your event if your budget allows it.


Tech-related Giveaways

Given the way that people are connected by technology nowadays, it makes perfect sense to use small gadgets and devices as promotional giveaways for your event. Even giving away something as simple as a USB flash drive or a multi-port USB hub can have quite a big impact to your visitors.

The value of tech giveaways can’t be underestimated either. Aside from spreading your brand, being able to use these giveaways increases their value and helps make your brand more memorable as people continue to use them. Just make sure to get these items from a reputable source, since devices that easily break down can have the complete opposite effect that you’re going for when it comes to your branding.


Bags or Other Containers

Other great practical giveaways include bags and other storage items. Similar to the previous two examples, having a sling or a tote bag that has your brand printed on it can go a long way in terms of marketing. Since bags are used practically everywhere, it’s a great way to get increased visibility for your brand.

The messaging behind such a giveaway can also play a part with your marketing. If you decide to make your bags out of environmentally friendly material like cotton or canvas, then it tells others that you support a green initiative and give you a more reputable image as a result.


Fun Memorabilia

Of course, not every giveaway needs to have a practical use to it. Many of them can be unique, amusing items that leave a lasting impression to those who receive it. Try to think of out-of-the-box giveaways or try to add a unique flavor to something conventional. Instead of a stress ball, why not try making it into a different shape like a stress cube or stress decahedron? Giving out something fun and whimsical can show off the lighter side of your company and makes for great branding.


Foodstuff or Other Consumables

While food doesn’t exactly last as long as giveaways with more practical uses, it’s certainly more appreciated—especially if the event is expected to last the entire day. Some event goers may find it difficult to find the time to eat, so giveaways that can help stave off their hunger can be quite a blessing if they know they’ll need to spend the whole day interacting with others during the event. You can even offer some healthy options for your visitors like granola bars or dark chocolate, giving them that extra boost to brighten their day.

Offering simple yet memorable giveaways is a great way for guests to remember your event. They don’t always have to be lavish or expensive to leave a good first impression on them. Sometimes, sticking to something unique and practical is the best way to impart your branding onto them through your freebies.

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