5 Uses of Spirit Wristbands and How They Help Motivate People

Spirit wristbands are powerful ways to show solidarity and support for your favorite school, band, or cause. If life were a fashion line, then custom bracelets are the cheerleaders of our wrists. These simple accessories build a strong sense of teamwork and camaraderie while also being stylish enough to match any outfit.

The best part? Spirit wristbands can be customized to your preferred color, artwork, and logo. You can even choose what material to create your bracelets in, whether you want them made in latex or the more hypoallergenic silicone option.

But there is so much that spirit wristbands can provide to people. Here are five uses of these beautiful custom bracelets that you need to be aware of!

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  1. Show Your School Pride
    Let’s begin with the most obvious reason why you want a spirit wristband. These fashion accessories were originally designed to show your support and pride in your school. Whether you’re a current student or an alumnus of the institution, spirit wristbands were understated ways to display your school spirit.Eventually, the fashion trend caught on, and spirit wristbands were used to support other things, including bands and nonprofit initiatives like youth basketball leagues or fun runs to support cancer awareness and education.Regardless, spirit wristbands are must-haves for any event that gathers like-minded individuals who share a similar belief or appreciation toward something.
  2. Helps with Athletic Activities
    Do you know that you can customize your spirit wristbands to be made from more sweat-wicking material, such as a combination of polyester and nylon? Custom bracelets and sports wristbands made from these fabrics help keep your hands dry and prevent sweat from dripping down to your hands. This is particularly useful if you’re engaged in a sport that requires hand dexterity, like basketball. During an intense game, you can’t waste precious seconds wiping your hands on your shorts to dry them. Instead, spirit wristbands can help you handle sports equipment with minimal effort.
  3. Supports Musical Expression
    Similarly, spirit wristbands can be layered to provide more support when playing the guitar or any other string instrument. Wristbands can help reduce the friction between your hand and the instrument while also absorbing sweat. This allows you to play more freely without having to worry about potential injury. Guitarists, especially, may need several wristbands to prevent any strain caused by constant aggressive strumming.  Not only do these accessories provide support, but they may also be used to wipe sweat from your face. Some famous guitarists, including James Hetfield and Dave Grohl, have been seen wiping their foreheads with their wristbands while taking a break from a particularly intensive riff.
  4. Aids with Gym Work
    The primary reason for wearing sweat-wicking wristbands while at the gym is for shock absorption. If you are a serious heavy lifter, you need to invest in the right accessories to help you perform at your best.Custom bracelets can absorb or wick away excess sweat and keep your hands dry during intense workout sessions. They also prevent your wrist from being overly rotated, preventing possible injury when lifting heavier weights. But these additional wrist supports are not limited to just heavy lifting either. You can wear your favorite spirit wristbands for more casual workouts, especially during your strength training sessions.
  5. They Look Cool
    Admittedly, this is the most subjective reason on this list, but still worth mentioning. Gone are the days when bracelets were only worn by women. Spirit wristbands are fast becoming a popular fashion accessory for men to wear as well. Not only can they be worn to show support for a certain cause, but they can also be used to enhance an outfit. These custom bracelets can be made in any color or style, so you can mix and match your favorite wristbands to match your mood. Want to wear a pink wristband that supports breast cancer awareness with your casual day outfit? Go for it! Or why not wear several of your favorite causes all at once with your movie date ensemble? The design options are limitless and can really show you how these wristbands are colorful and beautiful ways to express yourself.

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How to Choose the Right Spirit Wristband for You

When deciding between wristbands, you should always prioritize quality over everything else. Make sure that your wristband supplier pays particular attention to the materials and fabrics it uses for its spirit wristbands. Consider what you will need the bracelets for. Are you going to be handing them out for an athletic event? Will they be used for an alumni gathering? Determine how your wristbands will be used to consider the appropriate material. Ideally, you should select wristbands that are water-resistant, sweat-wicking, and can be used multiple times. 

From there, you should ask your wristband supplier about its design capabilities. Some companies only offer a limited color variation and one to two design options. Ideally, your wristband supplier should be able to emboss a variety of logos, texts, and artwork on your preferred color palette. 

It’s also a good idea to ask for a sample bracelet before any mass production is done. This allows you to assess the quality of printing and make possible changes to the design, if ever. 

Don’t hesitate to ask your supplier for multiple samples until you get exactly the design you want. Remember, spirit wristbands are meant to motivate people, so it needs to be perfect before being given out to anyone. 

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How Spirit Wristbands Motivate People

These days, fashion is all about expression. The clothes you wear—including your accessories—should convey a certain message. It is a way for you to silently communicate your mood and personality. Are you feeling more somber today? Maybe you want to be more exuberant in school tomorrow? Either way, how you dress sends a message to the people who see you, whether you’re conscious of it or not.

Spirit wristbands carry special meanings that add to your overall look. They say to other people that you are in solidarity with something. Whether it’s your school or supporting yourself in your athletic or musical inclinations, custom bracelets motivate you to perform at your best. When you don’t have to worry about sweat running down your hands or fear of a possible wrist strain, you tend to push yourself a little bit more—but that little bit can make all the difference in the world.

Custom bracelets are part of the voice you silently shout at the public. So, what are you telling the world?

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