5 Ways to Motivate Yourself in Kicking Your Alcohol Habit

5 Ways to Motivate Yourself in Kicking Your Alcohol Habit

Getting rid of a bad habit is hard, especially if that habit is something that you think makes you feel good like alcohol. It can be argued that it’s not necessarily the drinks that are addictive but rather the positive feelings that the experience of drinking can evoke. This is why quitting an alcohol habit is a scary prospect and can be ridiculously challenging, no matter the reason that you started drinking in the first place. After all, those happy, positive feelings could be really difficult to let go of.

All that being said, however, the hardest part isn’t quitting itself but rather accepting the fact that you have to quit and getting started on the process. If you’ve already overcome that crucial first step and now need some motivation to keep yourself going, here are some tips to help you along.

Announce It

Tell people that you have decided to quit your alcohol habit. In fact, it won’t hurt to announce it on a more public platform like social media. Letting people know about your goal will add accountability on your part, and your friends and family can even remind you from time to time of your commitment. What’s more, less mistakes are prone to happen when people know about your choice. For example, your family would be aware not to serve alcohol during gatherings and your friends will not pester you to go out bar-hopping with them during the weekends.

Use Reminders

Getting reminded over and over again of your goal will make you less likely to slip up, and there are many ways that you can remind yourself of your decision to quit alcohol for good. You can go the old-school way and use a vision board complete with cut-out pictures and handwritten words. It might even motivate you even more when you see how far you’ve progressed. You can also take advantage of social media and technology, using calendar apps or even just the reminder function on your phone. You can also use custom wristbands as a reminder. With a printable wristband, you can print a motivational message on it or blunt reminders if you need some tough love.

Fire Your Friends

Of course, this is easier said than done. You can’t just quit on your friends and family just because they drink on occasion, after all. Evaluate who among your friends make it difficult for you to kick the alcohol habit. Do you have “friends” who only go out with you when there’s alcohol involved? Are there people who aren’t completely on-board with your decision? These are the people who you might want to distance yourself from or avoid altogether. You need a strong, supportive social circle, not a toxic and fair weather one. And again, it’s helpful to let people know that you’re quitting alcohol so that everyone who matters to you are aligned with your goals.

Think of the Benefits

Sometimes, you just have to inspire and motivate yourself with all the benefits you’ll enjoy once you’ve kicked that habit for good. Remind yourself of the various benefits, especially those that impact your health. Quitting alcohol also has positive effects on your social life, work productivity, and interpersonal relationships. What’s more, you will also start saving a lot of money when you quit drinking. Then you can spend that extra cash on new pursuits. There are hundreds of hobbies to try like cooking and baking, knitting, painting, and dancing that can be good for both your mind and body.

Don’t Compare

One of the biggest roadblocks to making real progress is comparison. In fact, comparing is a bad habit in and of itself. Stop! This isn’t very helpful and will likely demotivate you. Remember that different people go through life at their own pace, so just focus on your own progress and achieve your goals in your own time. A helpful tip is to set realistic goals in the first place and to expect some repercussions, like withdrawal and sleep disruption. Quitting alcohol isn’t going to be smooth sailing, so just keep this in mind and remember that the end result is going to be worth every second of the challenge.

Even if you confidently feel that you’ve kicked the habit for good, you might still feel the urge to drink from time to time. This is particularly true if you’ve been drinking longer than you’ve been sober. Just remember the reason why you quit in the first place, surround yourself with positive people, and cultivate new and productive habits. It also pays to consult with professionals and attend therapy to help you build healthy ways to cope.

Good luck on your journey to sobriety!

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