6 Men’s Accessories You Need to Bring to a Formal Event

Have you just been invited to a formal event, but you’re completely lost as to what kind of accessories you need to bring along with your formal ensemble? If so, then read on as we deliver the six most important accessories that you need to bring to a formal event. No matter if you’re attending an official function, a wedding, or a funeral, the following list of accessories is a must-have when it comes to completing your formal look. Don’t leave home without them.

lapel pin formal

Lapel pin.  A lapel pin is just what it says—a small metal pin that’s usually placed on your coat or jacket’s left lapel, slightly under the collar point and north of your pocket square. Wearing a lapel pin gives your formal wear a touch of edge and class by being a visual counterpoint to the dark material of your jacket and coat. This is especially true if you pick a design that features striking colors or a sharp look.

More than that, however, a lapel pin also gives you a chance to make your chosen attire feature a bit more of your personality without going overboard or compromising the cool formal look of your suit. You can pick from a wide variety of lapel pins available commercially today, or you can even have your own custom-made to your exact specifications and taste. You can even get a lapel pin that matches the design of the event wristbands–if there are any–to give your outfit a cohesive look. Just search for lapel pin customizers in your local area or even online if you’re willing to wait for it to be shipped to you.

Cuff links

Cuff links. Cuff links work the same way as lapel pins in that they offer an onlooker an attractive visual break from your suit or coat’s dark hue. They also serve to keep your cuffs secure and fastened together, preventing them from unfolding and flapping all over the place. Again, just like the lapel pin, you can either pick from a variety of commercially-available ones or have them custom-made for your own purposes. You can even have two matching lapel pins that you really like and have them converted into cufflinks—just make sure that they’re exactly the same!

Silk handkerchief

Silk handkerchief. A silk handkerchief, worn and introduced properly to your jacket or coat, allows you to inject a bit of color into your usually drab and dark formal wear. You don’t really need to obsess with design here as much as the color of the handkerchief itself, as the wrong combination could really clash with the hue of your suit and get you the wrong kind of attention. To play it safe, always choose white, and fold it so that it forms a natural blooming shape above the breast pocket of your jacket. To do this, simply lay the handkerchief flat on the table, pinch the fabric right at the very center before pulling it up and way. Gently fold the resultant column of fabric in half and insert it carefully into your jacket pocket.

Classic leather-banded watch

Classic leather-banded watch. It’s always tempting to show off just how much money you earn during formal parties by wearing expensive diver or jewel-encrusted watches along with your costume. After all, the sight of it is sure to impress everyone you meet, right? Well, yes and no. While it’s certain that anyone will be bowled over by your watch’s price tag, it won’t quite balance out your ensemble if you pick the completely wrong kind of timepiece to wear for the event. Only wear subtle watches with leather bands for formal events—nothing else.


Tie. No formal wear is ever complete without a tie, so make sure to get one that’s your size while also sporting the kind of coloration that matches well with your coat and dress shirt. The safest options to pick here include a solid black, silver, or blue tie in muted tones. If you want to be a bit more adventurous, though, pick one with a subtle and sublime pattern.  Also, make sure you know how to tie one from memory—nothing’s more awkward than asking for help in tying your own tie, especially during a formal function.

Tie clip

Tie clip. A tie clip keeps the two tongues of your tie together and stuck in one place, so that it doesn’t go flying everywhere whenever you move or lean over something. It also prevents your tie from splashing onto your plate when you’re eating dinner, thereby saving you the embarrassment.

black belt

Belt. This is slightly less important than the rest of your formal wear, but it’s still part of your ensemble as far as looking stylish and dapper is concerned. So it’s key to buy a high-class premium belt and save that for only the most special of occasions. We recommend a black leather belt only—no crazy patterns or designs here.


Don’t allow yourself to be seen with an incomplete formal suit. By ensuring that you have all of these must-have men’s accessories in your possession during the formal event, you’re sure to impress everyone with how well put-together you look and how sharp you’re dressed. Just remember that your accessories don’t necessarily have to break the bank in order to be high quality.

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