6 Practical Ways to Improve Your School’s Security

One of the most important responsibilities of any school or educational facility’s administrative staff is to provide a safe learning environment for its students. With so many potential threats and dangers that can target a school in this day and age, it is up to the administration to enact measures to increase the security within their facility. By doing so, the school can better protect its students from physical harm or danger, while also safeguarding itself from costly lawsuits and legal action.

With that said, improving the security within a school may prove to be quite challenging. Many school buildings and campuses have been constructed to present an open and inviting environment to students, which mean large windows, multiple entryways and exits, wide corridors, and rooms with various access points.

What’s more, schools often have a large number of people coming and going within its premises during most of the day. These design traits are not at all conducive to security, especially when it comes to preventing dangerous elements from being introduced into the school environment, such as deadly weapons, contraband, drugs, and even suspicious individuals harboring malicious intent.

Thankfully, there are practical ways to securing a school, even with such circumstances. Here are some of them.

Visible ID

Require the entire student body, as well as all members of the school staff, to wear IDs with custom lanyards at all times. This is an easy and economical way of giving staff the ability to verify whether or not a particular individual is permitted to enter the school. What’s more, a customized lanyard can also serve as a highly visible marker that can identify a student or staff member from afar. The lanyard should of course be made in striking or bright colors in order to allow this.

Construct fences or walls to prevent trespassers or intruders

Schools can benefit massively from having a strong and durable fence built around its perimeter. Not only does this deter trespassers and other malicious elements from unauthorized entry into the premises, but it also funnels foot traffic into the entryways monitored or screened by the school staff. This ensures that everyone entering the school has been identified and cleared by security as a non-threat to the staff or the student body.

Lock or secure potential entryways

If there are any doors or windows in the school premises that are not currently being used at the moment, then they should be locked for the duration. Leaving them easily accessible can present a clear security risk, as malicious individuals and trespassers can use these entryways to get into the school and cause chaos. Open windows and access doors can also serve as a way for recalcitrant students to escape during class hours.

Invest in a CCTV camera system

A CCTV camera system can prove indispensable when it comes to making a school safer and more secure. It helps the school’s security staff monitor multiple areas in the school at once without having to employ a large number of security personnel. It also serves as a way to collect video evidence in case of any incidence of violence or crime within the school premises. Moreover, visible surveillance cameras in populated areas of the school can help discourage unsafe activities or misbehavior from the student body.

Limit visitors or have them escorted

Limit visitors or have them escorted
Limiting the number of visitors allowed in a school reduces the chance of a malicious individual with ill intent to get into the campus premises. If visitors must be allowed, then they should always be accompanied by security staff, or asked for proof of identification beforehand. They should also be clearly marked, either with a badge, custom lanyard, or printable wristband so that they can be spotted by staff in a crowd without any difficulty.

Get the students involved

Create a program or initiative for students to play their own part in keeping their school safe. For example, give incentives for those who would volunteer as hall monitor or safety officer for an entire week. You can also reward students who are proactive in pointing out suspicious individuals or happenings inside the school. Having everyone involved along with the staff fosters a culture conducive to overall safety and security.

School security and safety should be a primary concern A school should always be a secure and safe place for learning. While it’s true some of the requisite measures necessary to secure an educational facility could end up costing its administration quite a bit of money, there are some practical and cost-efficient ways that do the same thing. Overall, it’s important to note that any expense put towards protecting the student body from harm will ultimately pay off in the end.

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