6 Reasons Your Business Should Invest in Custom Lanyards

Lanyards are an underrated way for businesses to raise their brand’s visibility while making life easier for their employees – all at the same time.  Here are just some of the reasons why every business should look into getting a set of custom lanyards.

1.) They make things convenient for your employees

Lanyards make it easy to have ID badges, keys, and access cards all in one place. Issuing a standard lanyard to employees can do a lot to prevent unintended loss of important workplace items. Loose keys and ID’s are easily lost and misplaced on their own. When they’re on a lanyard, they’re much harder to lose. This means that lanyards, over time, can potentially reduce employee tardiness that would have otherwise been caused looking for these essentials.

2.) They simplify networking

Custom lanyards are also an excellent way to make networking easier during trade shows and conventions, which is why they’re often given away alongside custom printable wristbands. An attractive lanyard with your company name and logo can show off your brand even when your employee is away from your booth, and without the need for other people to look around for their ID’s or badges. They can also make it simpler for employees and other people at trade shows and convention to start talking to each other.

3.) Good lanyards can help branding

Well-designed, high-quality custom lanyards can, in fact, be a statement of your business’s mission. When they’re made right, they can show off an organization’s values, attention to detail, and their desire for quality. Given that even woven lanyards are affordable, there’s no reason why you can’t invest a little more to get lanyards that speak well of your brand.

Lanyards can also function much like a business card, only people are far less likely to throw them away. Not every business gives their people nice lanyards, and lots of people will appreciate your lanyards more than they would a plain old business card.

4.) They can reinforce your company’s identity

Along with logos, mascots, typefaces, colors, and uniforms, lanyards are a small, but integral part of company culture. They can help shape how your employees feel about your organization and help outsiders make judgment calls about your internal culture. Better-constructed and better-designed lanyards can show a willingness to invest in employees and tell outsiders that your organization cares about the little things.

The actual visuals and textures of the lanyards themselves can also serve as an extension of your organization’s core brand elements and identity. As lanyards are typically distributed throughout an entire organization, they can be key to reinforcing these, especially in cases where employees do not typically wear a uniform of some kind.

This repetition not only serves to strengthen the organization’s brand, but it also helps instill a sense of professionalism, which can be crucial when interacting with customers, suppliers, and prospects.

5.) Lanyards can increase your brand’s visibility

You’d be surprised at how often people will notice lanyards. Since you will have to supply your employees with lanyards anyway, it makes sense to use them as an opportunity to passively advertise your business. The great thing about this is that even the best quality lanyards are incredibly affordable, and can do a lot towards helping your brand be seen everywhere your employees are, without breaking the bank.

6.) They can drive sales

Lanyards with your logo can be used as giveaways. Because people are more likely to use nicer lanyards compared to the often lackluster lanyards a lot of employers provide, giving away a high-quality lanyard can be a great way to cultivate relationships with customers while increasing your brand’s visibility among their coworkers.

This goodwill can have the knock-on effect of creating repeat business from the customer you gave the lanyard, while simultaneously getting you new customers among those who see the first customer’s lanyard.

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