A Look into the Practical Uses of Lanyards

A Look into the Practical Uses of Lanyards

A lanyard may seem like a ubiquitous accessory that’s generally used as a neck strap to hook your ID onto, and this is how it’s commonly used for the most part. However, did you know that it has quite a few more practical uses other than just keeping identification handy? Yes, you read that right. From helping secure gadgets to using it as a convenient marketing tool, there’s more to using a lanyard than meets the eye at first. Here are some of them.

As a key holder

One of the most common alternative uses for a lanyard is to be a convenient key holder. The securing hook at the end makes attaching it to your key ring a snap, while the large and colorful band makes for an eye-catching visual reminder of where your keys currently are. This allows you to quickly spot your keys no matter where you put them down.

Using a lanyard for a key holder also allows you to “wear” your keys around your neck, making for a secure yet accessible way to carry them around during the day. You won’t have to worry about them falling out of your pocket the next time you take something out of it, like a wallet or your phone.

As a way to secure expensive and fragile electronics

Nothing can ruin a day faster than accidentally dropping (and breaking) a fragile and expensive piece of technology, such as a gaming device, smartphone, or camera. Such a worst case scenario could cost you hundreds of dollars in repairs alone, and most likely thousands in having the gadget in question replaced.

Thankfully, you can prevent this by using your lanyard as a way to secure your electronics. Simply attach the hook onto the gadget’s sling mount (or purchase a case that gives the gadget such a feature) and then wear the lanyard on your neck, or you can also twist it around your wrist. This way, your device remains safe and secure even if it accidentally slips out of your grasp.

As a convenient first-aid measure

For times of emergency concerning grievous injury, a lanyard can also be used as a first-aid measure. For one, it can be cut into a single band and then utilized as a tourniquet to stave off bleeding, wounded extremities. It can also be used to secure splints to broken arms and legs, as well as to firmly tie off bandages or gauze.

As an anti-theft protection measure

If you’re the type of person to take your valuables or gadgets outside with you, then you may be concerned about them being stolen right out of your pockets or off your hands. A lanyard can also help you in this case by being a cheap yet effective anti-theft measure.

Just hook your valuables onto a lanyard and either wear the band around your neck or loop it around your wrist. Doing this ensures that anyone trying to pull a fast one on you would not only have to physically grab the item from your person, but also overcome the lanyard’s strength and tension. This will give you enough opportunity to stop the thief in their tracks while you call for help.

To advertise your business or brand

Lanyards, like wholesale wristbands, can also be used as a fun and useful giveaway to advertise your business or brand. Simply have your brand printed in bold, striking colors on the lanyard band, mass-produce it enough to give away for free, and watch as awareness about your specific brand grow.

For additional visibility, hire an expert to give the lanyard exciting and eye-catching designs. This will make it more fashionable and appealing to wear, and thus encourage many others to procure and wear the lanyard as a trendy fashion accessory.


A lanyard may seem like it only has a singular purpose at first—specifically, as a convenient and hands-free way to carry ID around. However, with just a bit of imagination and innovation, we can use this handy accessory for quite a lot more. We just need to make sure that the lanyard we’re using or purchasing is one that’s made out of tough and quality material, able to withstand being tugged or pulled without easily snapping. has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.6/5 based on 3762 ratings and reviews.