All About Die Struck Lapel Pin

We often see lapel pins that are bright, bold, and colorful. The colorful ones may be more eye-catching, but whenever we see a die struck lapel pin, don’t we all just agree that this type of pin is timeless and elegant? 

Before we talk more about the die-struck lapel pins, let us just have a quick overview of what a lapel pin is. 

What are lapel pins and where to use them? 

Lapel pins are a small accessory that serves a lot of purposes. Most of the time, they are used to spice up a simple outfit. It enhances the overall look. However, lapel pins are also a good accessory for showing symbols, ranks, and belonging to a certain organization. Lapel pins are most commonly used by those in the military or politicians. These are a great accessory for anyone who may want to show off their accomplishments, just like they do with military bracelets.

You can wear lapel pins at many different events and occasions. Many people wear them on different occasions such as weddings, and fundraisers. They can be worn in a suit, jacket, coat, or any kind of dress. 

Looking for the perfect customized gift? A lapel pin will never disappoint. Looking for the next thing to collect as a hobby? Lapel pins are the answer! Lapel pins are easily customizable with the logo of a company or an organization. They can also be customized with statements or flags of countries. 

Die Struck Lapel Pin

What are die-struck lapel pins?

Die struck lapel pins are manufactured almost very similarly with soft enamel lapel pins. The only difference is that they are made without the enamel color. If you are looking for an all-metal lapel pin without the color, die struck is the best option. It gives off an impressive finish because of its high-quality finish without the high cost. 

How are die-struck lapel pins made? 

Making a die-struck lapel pin is not as easy as you think it is. It takes serious time and craftsmanship in making this decorative item. The process usually starts with creating the design. Unlike the enamel pins, die struck only has one color, which is that of the finished metal. A few finished metal choices are gold, silver, nickel, brass, copper, black nickel, and many more. The most commonly chosen finishes are gold, silver, and black enamel. In contrast to the raised areas that are usually polished, the recessed areas are most commonly sandblasted. It gives off a subtle, matte finish.

There are also a few options that you can choose for the pin backing. The most common ones are the butterfly clutch, rubber clutch, and magnetic clutch. They can also come in customized packaging. You can choose to place them in a polybag, velvet bag, or velvet case. The average time frame in making lapel pins is around 2 – 3 weeks from sending to production to receiving the completed order. 

Where to use Die Struck Pins?

Because of their timeless feature, die-struck pins are often customized as years of service awards and as a token for outstanding employees. In other words, die-struck pins are used to signify achievements. They are a subtle and classy accessory that could be used as a professional piece of jewelry. Just like any other lapel pin type, die-struck lapel pins can be made in any custom shape and size. It gives off a metal-on-metal look that can really make any design stand out. 

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