All About Personalized Lapel Pins

personalized lapel pins

Lapel pins are small pins usually worn on any piece of clothing. These are often used to indicate the wearer’s association with an organization or cause. But before the popularity of personalized lapel pins, boutonnieres were first used.  Lapel pins has since evolved and is now more popularly used by businesses and organizations. 

Lapel pins have a lot of uses. From product or service promotion to raising awareness, lapel pins are very functional. In this blog, we enumerated all the things that you need to know about lapel pins. 

Lapel Pin Collecting

Nowadays, most people use lapel pins as a hobby. It has become one of the most collected promotional items known. This hobby isn’t just fun but it also brings people together.  

Lapel pins are a visually appealing piece of accessory. Not only are they popular for their promotional capabilities, but they are now also known to be a popular collectible. There’s no recorded history as to how and where lapel pin collection has started. But the two known and most influential entities in collecting and trading lapel pins are the Disney Corporation and The Hard Rock Cafe. In fact, there’s an official name for Hard Rock Cafe pin collectors. Their group is called “Pinatics.” Collectors or members receive special perks for club members like discounts and special gifts. 

Lapel Pins for Promoting your Business

Personalized lapel pins are the perfect way to promote your business. Because lapel pins are easily customizable, most businesses associate their brand with custom lapel pins. These are a great tool in spreading the word about your business. It communicates a positive branding to those who will see it. And it also gives a good brand recall.

Lapel Pins for Fundraising and Raising Awareness

Lapel pins are small, affordable and easy to customize. Thus, making it one of the most effective ways to raise funds. Most organizations and charities use lapel pins to raise funds for any social issue or cause. It is easy to encourage any stranger or passerby to donate or support you in helping your chosen charity. 

personalized lapel pins


The best thing about lapel pin is that you can get as artistic or creative as you want to. Customizing your own custom lapel pin is as easy as pie. There are only a few steps that you will follow and then you are good to go. 

  1. Identify the Design or Prepare Your Artwork
  2. Decide What Material
  3. Select What Size
  4. Identify Quantity
  5. Look for the best manufacturer of your own personalized lapel pin

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