Beyond Giveaways: 5 Uses of Lapel Pins

Lapel pins are an affordable, fashionable choice for souvenirs and giveaways. These pins are also convenient, because they’re small and can be easily attached to a person’s clothes or accessories, so attendees are more inclined to actually wear them during and even after your event. And despite their small size, lapel pins are also highly customizable, making them even more attractive.

But apart from handing them out as remembrances and marketing items during events, conventions, and conference, there are many more ways of using lapel pins. Here are just a few.

Giving Awards and Recognitions

Giving Awards and Recognitions

People love to be acknowledged for their loyalty and hard work, and even a simple token like a lapel pin can go a long way to show your appreciation. For this purpose, the die-struck lapel pin works perfectly. It has a distinguished, handcrafted look to it that gives highlights that sense of accomplishment. You can even customize this type of lapel pin with synthetic gemstones or various finishes like gold, silver, copper, or brass to differentiate the awards, such years of tenure, hitting or exceeding sales quotas, or a promotion from a junior to a senior management post, among others.

Of course, die-struck lapel pins aren’t the only options for giving awards and recognitions to your employees or members of your organization. If you want a bit more color, for example, you can always go with hard enamel lapel pins or even printed ones for that extra level of detail.

Collecting and Trading

Lapel pins are popular collectibles. There are literally millions of designs from all over the world, and collectors regularly conduct pin trading meets to expand their trove and look for rare designs. Sports and sports clubs pins such as those for hockey, baseball, and curling are highly popular, as well as branded ones like the Hard Rock Cafe and the Disney Company.

If you want, you can even ride this trend and earn a few extra bucks by designing your own lapel pins, and then have them produced by reliable manufacturers like us here at Wristband Creation. Soft enamel pins are a perfect entry-point for a small online business since they are a bit more affordable to produce. If you want to reproduce highly-detailed designs like your own drawings or photos, printed lapel pins are the best option.

Honoring the Military

Military pins are imbued with history and tradition. They are often used to denote rank and squad, although they are also a big part of ceremonial uniforms. Lapel pins are also used to commend servicemen and women for jobs well done, honoring their bravery and the sacrifices they make for their country and fellow citizens every single day.

Indicating Membership and/or Support for an Organization

Special interest clubs and nonprofit organizations are just a few groups that use lapel pins to denote membership. Some even use various designs to indicate a person’s position within the group, say the president or a board member. Lapel pins can also be worn by non-members to show their support. In fact, different organizations can create and sell lapel pins to generate funds for their projects, or even just ask for a donation from a patron in exchange for a pin.

Denoting Authority or Rank

Denoting Authority or Rank

In certain situations such as emergencies, it’s good to know who to approach for help. This is where lapel pins can come in handy. EMTs, Red Cross members, policemen, Fire Department personnel, and other persons of authority can wear lapel pins with the logo of their respective groups so that they can be easily found and identified. What’s more, knowing that someone is in fact a person of authority or rank can make people more willing to talk, ask for help, and/or contribute information.

Lapel pins may be small and simple in concept, but they are more than just pretty trinkets; indeed, these are just a few of their more practical uses. Contact the Wristband Creation team and we can produce lapel pins for whatever purpose you may think of! has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.6/5 based on 3735 ratings and reviews.