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Silicone Wristbands and Rubber Bracelets is your leading source for customized silicone wristbands. You can design your own wristbands and choose your own message, color, size, and font. There is no minimum order quantity and you can order as many as a million wristbands!

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    Deboss-Fill Wristbands


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    Debossed Wristbands


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    Imprinted Wristbands


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    Embossed Wristbands


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    Emboss-Printed Wristbands


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    Dual Layer Wristbands


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    Figured Wristbands


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    Blank Wristbands


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    Polyester Lanyards


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    Tubular Lanyards


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    Nylon Lanyards


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    Woven Lanyards


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    Soft Enamel Lapel Pins


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    Hard Enamel Lapel Pins


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    Die Struck Lapel Pins


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    Printed Lapel Pins


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Thousand of Styles to Choose From

Choose your own style of placing your message on the wristbands — debossed, imprinted, deboss-fill, or embossed. We can put your own logo or any of our 200 stock logos in the wristbands. Choose from a thousand different colors to get that perfect color you need. Choose from a list of over 80 different font styles, or provide us with the font you desire.

Our wristbands are made out of 100% latex-free silicone rubber. We only use premium high quality rubber, so you are rest assured that these wristbands will last. We are proud to be manufacturers of silicone bracelets since 2005, producing tens of millions of wristbands worldwide! We have catered to many of our customers based internationally, such as Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland.

Practical Ideas for Promotional Needs

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These wristbands are perfect for fundraising, events, support for causes, and business promotions. You can have these wristbands made for as low as $0.06 each. These rubber bracelets are one of the most practical ideas for promotional needs.

Start today by calling (800) 403-8050 and speak with one of our friendly customer representatives to assist you.

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

We have Breast Cancer Awareness wristbands in stock! More Info

Our Clients

We Sell Lanyards Too!

We just expanded our product line and added lanyards to our list of promotional products you can customize. Perfect for corporate events, seminars, and day to day office use. Put your own company logo or event logo. Your message will definitely stand our with the lanyards.

Same as the wristbands, choose your own message, color, and font. We also sell them in different materials, such as polyester, tubular, nylon, woven, or dye sumlimation. We also sell the lanyards with ID badges so you can insert a name card or personal information. Learn More

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