Can 3 Ply Face Masks Stop the Spread of COVID-19?

We all know that there is a variety of face masks available in the market. And 3 ply face masks are among the most popular ones. But do they really stop the spread of coronavirus? Read on to know how the 3ply mask can help keep you safe during this time of a pandemic. 

3ply face masks

Do 3ply face masks help beat the virus? 

All face masks have their own functions. For instance, a cloth face mask is best for protecting the wearer against specks of dust, while a KN95 is best for protecting against airborne particles. A 3ply face mask, on the other hand, is the best for protecting the wearer against liquid droplets, making them the best protective face mask for coronavirus. 

A 3ply mask has three layers of protection that are made from non-woven fabric material. These are often used by medical workers during medical procedures to avoid splashes off bodily fluids. However, these 3 ply face masks are also ideal for daily public use especially during this time of a pandemic. 

Studies have already proven that the coronavirus is spread through respiratory droplets or by direct contact with infected persons. The virus is also proven to stay on the surface a few hours after being contaminated. 3ply face masks have a high filtration capacity making them the most ideal protective face mask against the coronavirus. These surgical masks act as a physical barrier against infectious fluids transmitted by an infected person. 

How to Wear a 3ply Face Mask?

The outer fabric of 3 ply face masks is usually colored blue which must always be worn facing out. 3ply masks have elastic earloops to easily adjust and fit the wearer’s face. The mask needs to fit just right to cover the nose, mouth, and chin area. 

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