Promotional Item for your Trade Shows

October 22, 2019

Trade shows are huge conventions with different booths and displays for business owners. This kind of event usually gathers a really big crowd, which makes business owners go crazy with their different marketing tactics. What makes a trade show truly memorable? Here’s a simple answer: giveaways. Many companies give out promotional items on their booths […]


6 Reasons Your Business Should Invest in Custom Lanyards

May 15, 2019

  6 Lanyards are an underrated way for businesses to raise their brand’s visibility while making life easier for their employees – all at the same time.  Here are just some of the reasons why every business should look into getting a set of custom lanyards. 1.) They make things convenient for your employees Lanyards […]


When is the Right Time to Wear Lapel Pins?

November 28, 2018

Style has evolved over the years, including every minute detail added to accessorize outfits. Lapel pins are easily one of the most classic ways to level up any outfit. Originally created as a way to symbolize one’s affiliation to specific political parties or organizations, classic hard-enamel lapel pins have opened the door to a multitude […]


How did Lanyards Become so Popular?

November 13, 2018

We know colorful woven lanyards to be just a thing on which to hang IDs and keys in school or in the workplace, but after becoming trendy in 2016, they’ve become much more commonplace. Fun fact: The history of lanyards actually belies a little more adventure than your run-of-the-mill workplace!   The Origins of Lanyards […]


Fresh Fundraising Ideas for Charity Events

October 24, 2018

Sometimes we get the urge to do good, but to do that we need money. After all, they say it makes the world go around, and it can make things happen. With fundraisers, the idea is that donors and sponsors all chip in to achieve a common goal, and the charity gets to fund its […]


Small Everyday Acts that Show Support to Your Cause

October 17, 2018

Having a good cause to support is one way for everyone to make the world a better place. Throwing a big event to further that cause probably isn’t sustainable if you did it every single day so, naturally, you’ll be looking to support your cause in little ways. From wearing custom lanyards to performing little […]


8 Cost-effective Giveaway Items to Maximize Your Brand’s Exposure

October 17, 2018

To maximize your brand’s visibility at an event, you need to be a little generous and not shy away from spending a small amount of money on giveaways. Emphasis on the ‘little’ and ‘small’ because while you’re not about to give away swathes of cash or luxury goods, you still want people to take home […]


DIY Custom Lapel Pins: What are the Options Available to You?

October 9, 2018

Pins have come a long way: from being used simply as a fastener, it has evolved to being decorative accents to clothing, becoming a fashion or even a political statement. These days, people have been making their own hard-enamel lapel pin designs or sending specific instructions to suppliers to come up with unique and personalized […]


Practical Ways to Manage Queues at Events

September 25, 2018

Many avid event attendees know what it’s like to fall in line for long periods of time. It’s something that they expect to do in most events, but that doesn’t mean that they are looking forward to going through it. Long lines, chaotic queues, and extended waiting times not only affect how attendees view the […]


Designing Wristbands: 5 Questions to Consider

September 19, 2018

Many events and activities have already replaced or are considering replacing paper tickets with wristbands as proof of admission. This is because wristbands are harder to lose than paper stubs, can be easily spotted by security personnel, and double as a souvenir after the event has taken place. Compared to souvenir T-shirts, silicone bracelets are […]

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