How to Choose the Right Wristband Color for Your Event

There are many things to consider in staging an event. The venue, equipment, the number of concessionaires, security – there’s a long list of to-dos for a successful, hitch-free affair.

But more than just the logistics, another important part of an event is its aesthetics. The design of the stage, posters, tickets, and invitations is critical to make your event memorable. Do you have freebies to hand out? You bet that even the design and color smallest item like a silicone wristband matters for your event to be a complete success.

So how do you choose the right colors for your wristband giveaways? Here are some things to consider.


Your Event’s Theme and Mood


It’s good to align the color (or colors) of your wristbands to the focus of your event. Is it a convention for horticulturists and plant enthusiasts? The best color palette would be earthy tones and shades of green. Health conferences would do well with calming colors such as blue, green, and muted purples like lavender. Are you hosting a gaming event? You can count on bright shades – reds, pinks, violets, even neon or glow in the dark – for your wristbands.

Consider also the mood of the event – is it leaning toward the formal side or more casual and fun? Is it a big event to be held in a huge venue or a small one with an intimate setting? You can then match the color of your wristbands to the mood of your event.


Who’s Going to be There?


Check with the organizing team regarding the guest list. Are they young adults and teenagers? Are they professionals? Are they first jobbers hovering between too young to be serious and too old to be “kiddie”?

Once you know who’s going to be at your event, you can decide on the colors of your wristbands. Multi-colored ones can be handed out to kids and younger audiences, while single colors or two-toned silicone bracelets can better appeal to more mature attendees.


Partner Causes and Sponsors


For events that are held in partnership or with the help of different companies, or for the benefit of a non-profit organization, the colors of your event’s production design and giveaways may depend on these group’s colors.

For example, breast cancer awareness is linked with bright pink ribbons and merchandise, while LGBT is associated with the rainbow. WWF, on the other hand, is largely known through its black-and-white logo featuring the panda.

Give consideration to the colors of your sponsors and partners in making your wristbands and other items. You can also consult with their team if they have their own giveaways to hand out; if they do and they are already using their organization’s colors, you can opt for another color scheme to give your attendees a variety of freebies.


Your Event’s Reach


Consider the scope of your event in planning the colors of your wristbands and other production details. For example, there are local and international events that have several “legs” in different cities and countries. This means that there may be separate colors per city or country apart from the event’s official colors.

There are also considerations about how colors are perceived in other countries’ cultures. For example, there are places that associate yellow with jealousy and betrayal, while purple can mean bad luck in Brazil when worn outside a funeral or a related service.

Color choices for your event’s design and memorabilia is more than just aesthetic choices. It can also make or break your event when it comes to leaving a lasting impression to your attendees. Have you decided on the colors of your latest event yet?