Choosing the Perfect Wristband Size for Your Events

Most people join events like fun runs because if offers them a chance to have an enjoyable time supporting causes that matter to them. But it’s hard to deny that everyone also enjoys taking home some freebies. Just remember that when it comes to giveaways, consumers still put a premium on things they can actually use. It doesn’t matter how colorful, creative, or unique your free event wristbands are. If they don’t fit, they won’t get worn. With event participants varying on the type of event you’ve organized, here’s a quick guide to help you determine which size of wristbands to get for your event.

Youth Size

Measuring 7 inches in circumference, this size of wristband caters to kids and teenagers around the age of 5 to 17 years old. Events that can make use of this wristband size include school fairs, kiddie marathons, teen rallies, student conferences, and other similar youth-oriented activities. However, these aren’t the smallest size of wristbands. For events where some participants are younger than 5 years old, there is even the option of getting 6.5-inch toddler size wristbands.

Medium size

In most cases, an event will have a wide spectrum of participants. A fundraising concert or a family fun run may have attendees ranging from 4 years old to 80 years old. School activities usually have teenagers and their parents together as guests. Thankfully, medium size wristbands provide a safe choice for events like these that cater to more than two age groups. Measuring 7.5 inches, this size offers a good compromise between the youth and adult sizes.

Adult Size

This size is the most popular one ordered. It measures 8 inches in circumference and is used by average-sized adults aged 18 years old and up. It’s ideal for most types of events. This includes concerts, fun runs, parades, club parties, outreach programs, and more.

Extra Large

Fitness events have always been an effective means to spread awareness of a cause or a disease. This is evidenced by the number of fun runs being organized around the globe. But some athletic runners may find it hard to fit into the standard adult sizes. For events such as this, having at least some extra-large bracelets is recommended. After all, most suppliers offer the option of combining two or more sizes of wristbands per order. These extra-large wristbands measure 8.5 inches and can also fit more solidly built people.

Aside from being an additional incentive for participants to join your event, freebies like wristbands also serve another important purpose. These wristbands act as promotional tools to help create awareness about your event, your company, or your chosen cause. Determining the right size of wristbands will help your event in a big way. This improves the chances that your guests will wear them even after your event, further providing exposure for your brand or cause. has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.6/5 based on 3757 ratings and reviews.