The Different Materials Used to Make Wristbands

From pens, mugs, and baseball caps to keychains, penlights, and water bottles, there are many things out there that you can give away as spirit bands, trinkets, freebies, or merchandise to people who support your cause or event. However, when it comes to affordability and utility, one item really stands out among the rest, and these are wristbands.

These small straps or bracelets are great because they are very inexpensive and can be mass-produced in a relatively short period of time. Furthermore, people tend wear them on a daily basis, which is great because these folks are able to show their support for your charity, band, or brand while also providing you with free promotion.

Manufacturers usually make them out of silicone, but there are also those who make use of other types of materials. Here are the most common types of wristbands available in the market today.

Silicone wristbands – Undoubtedly, silicone wristbands or gel bracelets are the most popular among all wristband types. These wristbands, manufactured in the tradition of the Livestrong campaign bracelets that came out in 2004, are available in different varieties, including debossed, embossed, deboss-filled, emboss-printed, imprinted, and several others. They are very durable and last for a long time, which makes them a favorite accessory piece among many people.

Vinyl wristbands – Like silicone, vinyl is very strong and hard-wearing, making them ideal for making wristbands. This durable plastic material has been used in the past for manufacturing a variety of items, including floorings, sidings, musical records, and gloves.

Fabric wristbands – The material used to make fabric wristbands is similar to those used in lanyards or identification card straps. They tend to be gentler on the skin compared to vinyl wristbands, but for obvious reasons, not all of them are resistant to water or moisture, unless they have been coated with a water-resistant layer.

Coated thermal paper wristbands – Some manufacturers offer thermal paper wristbands for customers who have onsite or on-demand printing requirements. The text is printed using direct thermal printing equipment, which is the kind used by airline companies to print those bag tags for passengers. Because the paper is usually coated, it is resistant to water, oils and other things that can cause the print to fade.

Tyvek wristbands – Tyvek is a paper-like material made from polyethylene plastic fibers. Manufactured by DuPont, Tyvek is very strong, tear-resistant, and lightweight. It will also not dissolve in water. In fact, it has been used in other industries, including construction (as building protection sheets), as well as in the manufacture of unconventional wallets and other novelties. Nowadays, it is also possible to get Tyvek wristbands.

The type of wristbands to get for your cause or event will depend on what your customers or supporters will do with it. If you plan to give away something that they can use as a daily accessory, then you can never go wrong with silicone wristbands or gel bracelets. To order, please contact Wristband Creation at (800) 403-8050 or visit our FAQ section to learn more. has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.6/5 based on 3757 ratings and reviews.