DIY Custom Lapel Pins: What are the Options Available to You?

Pins have come a long way: from being used simply as a fastener, it has evolved from being decorative accents to clothing, like a distinctive slap bands, to becoming a fashion or even a political statement. These days, people have been making their own hard-enamel lapel pin designs or sending specific instructions to suppliers to come up with unique and personalized designs. You can always go to artists and suppliers known for crafting custom lapel pins, and you can do it yourself on the many design apps that professionals use online and just have it printed out separately. Others have even crafted pins made from polymer clay to create even more unique, cute, and dynamic pins!

There are multiple design possibilities for designing custom lapel pins. Though a classic, bronze plated pin is aesthetically pleasing for anyone. It’s commonly associated to the more uptight ways of old, where pins decorated formal dress of royalty, military officers, and other officials. With the boom of the age of individualism, more adventurous types desire for more pizzazz when coming up with designs, so artists have kept up with a number of fun and entertaining pin design options:


Do as the children do: just throw some glitter on it. It’s an inexpensive way to add extra dimension to any pin, and glitter can already level up any look from 0 to 100. On the plus side, it is a great way to catch someone’s eye; the sparkle of glitter naturally draws on a human being’s instinct to look for the sparkling promise of clean drinking water.


Bring the razzle dazzle of bright city lights to your lapel with custom-lit lapel pins. You can opt to have LED-powered lights attached to your pin that will blink when they’re turned on, and make for a fun fashion accessory to clip onto your outfit for a night out in the club. Imagine how cool it would be to have dozens of lit-up pins blinking away at an event?


Who says lapel pins can’t look fancy? Many custom pin stores offer the option of decorating your unique pins with a variety of colored gemstones. This is perfect for reward pins, or commemorative pins, or even as a small gift for a classy occasion.

Sporty Pin

These design options are perfect for sports teams and sporting events:

  • Spinning attachment- This consists of a second, smaller pin attached by post to the main pin, allowing it to freely spin around. It makes for a fascinating visual addition to any pin, and perfect for sports teams looking to raise the hype through merchandising.
  • Bobblehead attachment- Similar to the spinning attachment, it is a smaller, secondary pin attached to the main pin by a spring, allowing for frenzied, bobbing movements that is easily reflective of the exhilaration of any sporting event. It’s also perfect for anyone looking to spice up their lapels with a bit of excitement.
  • Slider attachment- Here the sliding pin is connected by a channel carved into the main pin, allowing it to slide side to side with ease.


Looking for avenues for exposure all day every day? Glow in the dark lapel pins will broadcast your brand during the day— and with equal efficacy in the dark— no matter what time it is. These can make perfect gifts for friends, and even perfect giveaways at events.

As individuals, we all want to stand out, and that goes with each and every element that makes up our personal style. Just be sure to communicate clearly with the artists you’ll be commissioning for your custom lapel pins so you can get the best possible look and outcome for your accessory. has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.6/5 based on 3757 ratings and reviews.