Fashion Forward: Why the Lapel Pin is Popular Once Again


Whether they’re adorning shirt collars, scarves, hats, and even bags, lapel pins seem to be everywhere these days, produced by big-name brands, independent designers, and everything else in between. But it may be quite difficult to understand why lapel pins have experienced quite the resurgence in the past few years, especially if you aren’t into collecting or trading various designs. So why are these small pins making such a big fashion statement? Let’s look into a few reasons.

They’re an Affordable Way to Express Yourself

Everyone is always looking for a unique way to express themselves, and lapel pins are among the cheapest ways to showcase one’s various passions. Depending on the rarity of the design, the manufacturing process used (hard enamel lapel pins are more expensive than soft enamel ones), and the size of the pin, you can buy these accessories from retailers starting at about $2 each. And unlike other fashion accessories that may look tacky or even be pointless (think of a watch) when you wear several at once, wearing multiple lapel pins at the same time isn’t that much of a faux pas.

They’re Works of Art and Customizable

Small they may be, but with the help of modern technology, even the most delicate and complicated designs can be reproduced onto lapel pins. Indeed, various artists from all over the world are collaborating on pin designs everyday, producing truly unique products.

If you’re the entrepreneurial type and want to start a business of your own, lapel pins are also a good entry point for online retailing. As earlier mentioned, you can either collaborate with other artists or make your own. The possibilities are endless — you can start with typography, fractal art, or even simple geometric patterns. Apart from the design aspect, you can also customize your lapel pins in a variety of ways, such as adding synthetic stones to die struck pins or using a magnetic closure instead of a clutch.

They’re Both Temporary and Permanent

When it comes to expressing one’s self, lapel pins can be both temporary and permanent. Lapel pins are temporary in the sense that they can be removed easily if a situation calls for it. You can even sell or trade them in the future if, for any reason, you don’t feel as strongly as you used to for the organization or the design.

On the other hand, because of the sturdy construction of lapel pins, they can last for a really long time, especially if you take proper care of them. Even the more affordable printed lapel pins can last for years, with the addition of a protective layer of epoxy over the design.

They Appeal to Both Sides of the Market

When you think about it, with the various uses of lapel pins then and now, everyone could be a potential market for these accessories. Whether it’s from an established name — luxury fashion house Chanel, youth- and culture-oriented brand Supreme, and entertainment company Disney, just to name a few — or from a small-scale creative shop or online seller, a lapel pin has a universal appeal that makes the transition from the proverbial low-end market to the high-end and back, as natural as can be.

Lapel pins are also unisex and suit all ages. It wouldn’t be surprising to find both parent and child sporting Mickey Mouse pins, for example.  What’s more, even “casual” designs, say a skateboard or Bart Simpson, can be worn during formal events without ruining the look of the attire. In fact, fun, quirky designs might add some much-needed pizzazz to a standard-looking outfit.

With the way lapel pins are taking the internet by storm, it’s safe to say that they’ll be around for quite a while.

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