Get the Most Out Of Your Custom Lanyards

custom lanyards

Lanyards have come a long way. These neck straps were first used by French soldiers in the 1500s as a weapon. And look how far they’ve come. Lanyards are now a part of our daily lives. You can see this functional accessory almost anywhere you go. Custom lanyards are worn by everyone from government offices, corporate offices, schools, trade shows, hospitals and many more. 

Lanyards are completely customizable. If you want to make them into fancy ones, then glitter lanyards are the best option for you. If you want them to be very simple and plain then it’s also an option for you. No matter how you want your wristbands to be, you have the power to design it. And because of its fully customizable features, then lanyards are used in many ways. 

Custom lanyards are the most practical way to show off your brand. In this article, we breakdown some of the ways you can get the most out of your custom lanyards. 

Travel Companion

If you love traveling, then a custom lanyards could be a good travel companion for you. You can go hiking, running, swimming or ride on a plane with these custom lanyards. To make you more at ease during your travels, you can have your essential items like passports or eye masks attached to your lanyards while you are on your flight. Custom lanyards often come off with a variety of attachment options. 

Key Organizer

Keys are known to be one of the most misplaced things ever. If you are looking for the perfect way to keep them always handy and organized, then you should try attaching them to a lanyard. Lanyards are an efficient way to keep your things organized. 


It’s a common scene when you go camping to lose some of the little stuff like a compass, sports wristbands, whistle or pocket knife. Lanyards can do the work for you to keep them all handy. Just by simply attaching these little things on your lanyard hooks then you are good to go.


Whether you are raising money for breast awareness cancer awareness, HIV education or animal rights, If you want to make your fundraising event successful, then lanyards are one of the best options for you. Lanyards are a unique and effective fundraising idea. 

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