How to Design Your Own Personalized Lanyards

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Before we discuss the steps on how you can design your own personalized lanyards, let us first give you a brief history about lanyards.

The history of lanyards is quite colorful. The word lanyard comes from the French word “laniere” which means strap or thong. The first lanyard was originally designed in the early 1500’s for French soldiers and pirates. And these lanyards were a means to keep the French’s weapon close at hand. 

Fast-forward to today, we see lanyards all over the place. We see them in offices, schools, seminars, business conventions, fundraising events and even at music festivals alongside festival wristbands.

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Lanyards as a Promotional Item

Although traditional marketing still offers value, the marketing game has shifted significantly in the past few years. Businesses have discovered new ways of promoting their products or services. Including taking advantage of the internet, marketers also take advantage of promotional products.

Using custom lanyards to show off your company’s name could be the best marketing move that you will make. By putting your company logo, tagline or slogan, you are showcasing your brand to anyone who can see them. In short, custom lanyards act as your mini-billboard. 

Promotional items like wristbands, lanyards, lapel pins and coasters have huge branding opportunities. Here’s a list on how to design your own personalized lanyards. 
personalized lanyards

  • Determine Quantity

The first thing you have to consider when personalizing your own lanyards is to determine the quantity that you need. As with most companies, bulk orders come with huge discounts. 

  • Choose Your Preferred Material

Lanyards can be made from different materials. There may be a lot of options but all these materials all have one thing in common: they offer comfort and efficiency. You can choose from a variety of materials. Lanyards can be made from polyester, nylon, satin or silk.

  • Select a Printing Method 

The three most common printing options to make your own custom lanyards are: silk-screen, dye sublimation, and woven. 

  • Decide On What Design, Color, Attachment, and Add-On

You can have your artwork prepared or you can also have it requested from an in-house graphic artist. Your own custom lanyards can also come with a choice of different badge holders, clips, attachments or rings. Use your company name or logo. Choose one that would best describe your brand and comfort of the wearer. 

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