How to Utilize Wristbands during Your Event

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Much like the people that attend them, there’s a wide variety of organized events that are available to the public. Public events for cultural or entertainment purposes are among the most common, such as sporting events, concerts, theater productions, and festivals. Corporate organizations also hold fundraisers, trade fairs, conferences, networking events, and other similar gatherings for myriad business-related reasons. On the whole, events are an effective way to bring people together, form meaningful connections among individuals and organizations, and promote your brand or advocacy.

A significant amount of time, effort, and preparation is necessary to execute any event successfully, regardless of its purpose or size. Matters such as effective crowd control and efficient use of resources will always be important concerns for event organizers. Fortunately, customized wristbands are a helpful, practical tool that organizations can employ to ensure that events run smoothly and attendees come away with a positive experience.

Curious about the possible value of issuing Tyvek wristbands for your next event? Want to know more about the different kinds of event wristbands you can choose from? This feature from Wristband Creation will walk you through everything you need to know about utilizing wristbands for events.

What Can You Use Event Wristbands For?

Event wristbands have been a common sight since around the 1980s, when Tyvek wristbands were first issued by attendees at concerts and music festivals. They’re now a staple at all sorts of events, from cultural celebrations to corporate functions. Organizers have found them especially useful for the following purposes:


Managing Event Attendees

One of the most practical and most prevalent reasons to use event wristbands is that they facilitate more efficient crowd control. To illustrate, at an event that issues only paper tickets, security personnel will need to personally verify that each attendee is carrying a ticket before allowing them inside. This process can be slow and inefficient, and it can be arrested even further when attendees lose their tickets or have to dig around for them in their bags. And the longer the queues and waiting times are just to get into the venue, the more irritable and frustrated your guests are sure to be.

In contrast to tickets, wristbands are wearable and easy to spot, which will make it easier for organizers to verify legitimate attendees and speed up queue management. You can even issue wristbands and different colors for guests that belong to different categories so that team members can swiftly direct them to the appropriate areas. All in all, the smoother the flow of foot traffic through your venue, the less stressful and more positive the experience will be for both your guests and your team.


Maintaining Security

The last thing you want to deal with at your event is the presence of unauthorized individuals, whether these are non-paying attendees or bad actors planning to disrupt the proceedings. At best, these people will cost your organization valuable resources by virtue of not paying for admission. At worst, they might do something to endanger your guests, your staff, and your organization’s reputation.

Requiring attendees to wear their wristbands visibly at all times during your event makes it more difficult for outsiders to slip past security. Your security team will be able to swiftly identify unauthorized attendees and remove them from the venue if necessary. They’ll also have an easier time keeping legitimate event participants out of restricted areas like dressing rooms and vendor-only zones.

To prevent attendees from exchanging or lending out their wristbands for illicit purposes, use tamper-proof closures and tear-proof materials. Make sure to print all your wristbands with individual numbers or barcodes, so that each one is unique.


Identifying VIPs

Your event may offer VIP status to guests who pay for premium seats, purchase a large group ticket package, or avail themselves of special promos like all access passes. To help your staff identify these special individuals more easily, make sure that you issue them wristbands that are visibly different from those you give to regular attendees. Wristbands in a different color, for instance, provide an easy way to set your VIPs apart from the rest of the crowd.


Promoting Your Event

In addition to being useful for security and crowd control, wristbands also make excellent promotional tools. After all, people always love taking home souvenirs to remember particularly remarkable and positive experiences by. If you substitute disposable paper wristbands for more durable options like cloth or silicone bracelets, attendees can continue to wear them long after the event has ended. Doing so may encourage them to not only look back on their experience fondly, but also keep an eye out for similar events by your organization in the future.


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Why Use Event Wristbands?

We’ve just illustrated how practical and versatile well-designed event wristbands can be. In addition to these great qualities, they also have plenty of other benefits to offer both your organization and your event attendees, including:



Event wristbands are generally easy to put on and remove, so your guests should have no problems wearing them. Depending on which type you choose, they can simply be slid on and off over the hand or wrapped around the wrist and secured with an adhesive or snap closure. Single-use bracelets can be cut off easily once the event ends, but you may also want to choose a variant that your guests can keep afterwards.

Reputable manufacturers like Wristband Creation will also go the extra mile to make sure that your event wristbands are comfortable for attendees to wear. You’ll have free rein to decide on key design elements such as the wristband’s size, width, and material, so choose the best options for your event and its target audience. We also use high-quality materials to minimize the risk of chafing, irritation, and other problems for the wearer.



Event wristbands are preferable to other options like tickets or badges because you’re less liable to lose them. Because they’re meant to be worn securely around the wrist, they can’t be easily misplaced before or during the event. They’ll thus last longer than other alternatives and are an ideal choice for multiday events and events held outdoors.

Wristbands are also unlikely to break unless you subject them to a significant amount of stress, as long as you choose the right materials. For instance, low-quality paper wristbands will break down when exposed to water, sweat, friction, and other elements. Wristband Creation, on the other hand, waterproofs its paper wristbands and uses water-resistant adhesive closures. This helps ensure that our customers have cost-effective wristband options that don’t sacrifice quality or durability. Furthermore, organizers who are willing to invest a little more can opt for something even more durable such as vinyl, plastic, or silicone.



Printing thousands of paper tickets isn’t just costly but also time-consuming and harmful to the environment. Though event wristbands will require a bit more of an upfront investment, they’re ultimately the more cost-effective and sustainable option, particularly if your event will be spanning several days. Choose a wristband made out of a reusable material and your attendees will need just one for the entire event instead of having to get multiple tickets or badges per day.


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What Kinds of Wristbands Can You Use for an Event?

Wristband Creation makes wristbands in a wide array of different materials to give our clients plenty to choose from. Some of our most popular and functional variants include the following:


Plastic Wristbands

Plastic wristbands have long been a go-to option for event organizers, balancing affordable cost with style and durability. Our plastic wristbands are impressively water-resistant, stretch-resistant, and tear-resistant while still remaining light and comfortable to wear. A secure snap closure also prevents untimely removal.


Tyvek Wristbands

Tyvek is a lightweight, water-resistant, tamper-proof material made of dense flash-spun polyethylene fibers. It’s paper-like in texture but much sturdier and harder to tear. Tyvek wristbands are secured around the wrist with a strong adhesive and have to be removed by cutting it, usually after the event is over. This makes them a good defense against fraud, as it’s impossible to take off a Tyvek wristband and secure it around the wrist of another person.


Vinyl Wristbands

Vinyl wristbands present a similar but even more comfortable and durable alternative to Tyvek wristbands. Their resistance to water, humidity, UV radiation, friction, and other sources of wear makes them an ideal option for both indoor and outdoor functions and multiday events. Our vinyl wristbands, like our plastic ones, are held together by a tamper-proof snap closure and thus intended for single use only.


Satin/Woven Wristbands

Although event wristbands are mostly worn for function, there’s no reason they can’t be stylish as well. And if you’d like your attendees to make a fashion statement while they’re at your event, fabric wristbands are your best bet. Our woven polyester and satin wristbands make lovely accessories and mementoes that your guests can enjoy wearing long after the event ends. We also offer additional features like sequential numbering, metallic threads, and locking clasps in custom colors.


Silicone Wristbands

While silicone wristbands are probably your most expensive option, they’re probably the most comfortable and the hardiest type of wristband you can get. We use only high-quality silicone that’s guaranteed to stand up well against all kinds of handling and resist damage from water, UV rays, extreme temperatures, and harsh chemicals. Do note, however, that silicone bracelets are easily removable and can be transferred from person to person, so you may be better off using them more as a promotional item than as a security tool.

All of Wristband Creation’s wristbands are fully customizable, allowing you to adjust the size, width, color, and overall design according to your specific needs. Contact us today and we’ll gladly help you produce the perfect wristbands for your next event! has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.6/5 based on 3725 ratings and reviews.