How to Wear Custom Lapel Pins the Right Way

Custom Lapel Pins

Small they may be, but custom lapel pins have continued to be a go-to fashion accessory. Lapel pins are among the cheapest and unique ways to express one’s self. Whether you have a passion for books, films, or if you are supporting a certain celebrity or politician, then these lapel pins may be just right for you. 

But have you wondered how the first lapel pin was made? There’s no clear history as to where and why the first lapel pin came from, but it was documented that the Egyptians were among the first ones to begin the process of enameling lapel pin.

Lapel pins are frequently worn on the lapel of a coat or a suit. This classic accessory is more than just little ornaments, has a list of uses and here are some of them: 

  • Often used by men as a decorative accessory
  • Organizations, companies, and institutions use lapel pins as a symbol of achievement 
  • Companies use these for branding purposes
  • Used for giving awards or recognitions
  • Some don’t really wear lapel pins, they are just avid collectors of these
  • Designating rank or authority

Just like any other accessories, lapel pins are meant to add more personality on a plain outfit. For the most impact, choosing your own design for your custom lapel pins could make your outfit stand out. 

Wearing Lapel Pins Properly

However, there is a tendency that your outfit would look cheap if you wear lapel pins the wrong way. But with proper use, your look can get a major boost if you wear lapel pins correctly. Here’s the top three things you should know on how you can wear lapel pins the right way:

  1. Lapel pins should always be worn on the left side of the pocket. 
  2. It’s a general rule that your lapel pins should be worn or attached on the buttonhole of your suit. 
  3. Certain occasions require a certain type of lapel pin

Although lapel pins are often used during formal events, if you know how to style and incorporate them to your outfit, then there’s no reason to not add them to your daily look. Lapel pins can also be the best gift that you can give to your loved ones, family, friends, and co-workers. To know more about Lapel Pins, as well as our printable wristband products, our team at Wristband Creation is here to help, call us at (800) 403–8050 or you can email us at has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.6/5 based on 3762 ratings and reviews.