How Lanyards Help You Manage an Event Better

You may think of lanyards as just a simple piece of fabric designed to dangle around your neck and hold your ID, but its simplicity is what makes the lanyard so versatile.

Lanyards can be a way to advertise your business, for example, or show support for a non-profit organization. They can also play a bigger role when it comes to promoting and managing events. Here’s how:

Lanyards make your event staff more visible. Through color-coded lanyards, your event staff and security force can easily be distinguished from the crowd. This makes for easier coordination among personnel, while at the same time giving your attendees a clue on who to approach should they have any questions or concerns.

Printing special codes or text on lanyards can also help your staff identify each other and special guests. You can include the name and logo of your event and the designation of the wearer, say “Burbank Comic Con – Organizing Team”. For those conscious about their carbon footprint, you can recycle these lanyards for the next series of the event, simply by not putting the date or year of the event.

On the other end of the spectrum, you can also give your attendees a sense of exclusivity. Those with VIP admission wristbands can be issued special lanyards, which can be of different colors or a different material altogether for a more premium feel. The VIP lanyards can help with event security and logistics, as your staff will know who are allowed access in special areas and are entitled to receive more freebies, for example. Special lanyards can also boost the inherent human psychology of wanting to belong to a group, which may help your guests feel more involved and therefore participate more in your event.

Big events such as pop culture conventions or industry expos that last for two or more days, color-coded lanyards can be your audience classifier. Depending on the color of the lanyard a guest is wearing, you can automatically distinguish those who bought day passes only or all-access tickets.

For small-scale events like press meetings and mini conferences, lanyards can serve as multi-purpose necklaces. For example, attach a plastic pouch to the lanyard and it can serve as a name tag or a business card holder. Your guests won’t have to scramble in their bags to look for their business cards to give to their fellows.

You can also do away with printed press kits and other reference materials. Opt for a lanyard with a loop attachment on its end, where you can then attach a USB drive where all documents, photos, even souvenir programs of the event can be found.

For events that include mini promos or raffles anchored on a ticket number, you can reduce your paper usage by including the ticket or control number on the lanyard itself. To make it unobtrusive, you may choose to print the code on the back side of the lanyard so it won’t get in the way of your design.

Apart from practical, logistics- and security-based uses, you can also use lanyards to continuously promote your brand throughout the event. You can choose to print your logo and company slogan, or your event’s theme on the lanyard itself for more mileage and stronger recall.

You can even prolong the use of your event lanyard through different attachments. Have a plastic breakaway clasp at the end of your lanyard, and include several attachments for different purposes – cellphone loops, bull clips, carabiner hook, key ring – as part of your giveaway bag. Remember to include the event logo or name to maximize exposure.

These are only a few ways you can use lanyards for event management. Take them out of the school or office environment and apply some strategy and creativity – see how these necklaces can help you run events without a hitch. has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.6/5 based on 3743 ratings and reviews.