The Many Uses of Lanyards in a School Campus

In a school setting, you may think that a lanyard can only serve as the ubiquitous lace for ID cards. That may be the most common use, but with planning and a bit of creativity, this seeming plain bit of cloth or rope can be used for many more purposes.

Here are some ideas to get you started.


You’re already using lanyards to hold and display those IDs – why not take it a step further and help everyone easily identify one another? Members of the school staff, for example, can wear a different style of lanyards from the students to indicate their authority. The students, on the other hand, may be assigned a color based on their grade level.

Not only does this help with identification, it will also help manage and monitor people within the school premises. It will also help students know whom to approach should they have questions about academics or school rules, for example.

School Pride

Don’t confine your love for your school inside the campus – bring it anywhere you go! Show your school spirit with lanyards emblazoned with your official colors and logo.

Apart from wearing your IDs, you can also use customized lanyards for holding your keys, as camera or phone straps, bag tags, or even a lace for your passport and ID holder for easy access to your credentials when you travel. Who knows, you might even bump across a former classmate or teacher, and you’ll be able to reconnect all because of a lanyard.

Event Tags and Memorabilia

Pep rallies, school fairs, sporting events and other inter-school competitions, concerts – these and more are different school activities that a lanyard can help promote and manage. Teasers or “save the date” reminders, a theme or slogan, or the event’s title are just some of the things you can print on a customized lanyard to help in the promotion of an activity.

Afterwards, you can sustain the buzz around your event through special lanyards. For example, only those who attended all sessions of a multi-speaker event can receive a unique lanyard among other memorabilia. To encourage participation in school fairs, why not give away different lanyards for different “achievements”? You can give a special lanyard for the first ten to visit all the student-sponsored booths.


In relation to school events, lanyards can help intensify security in a simple way. You can issue specially marked lanyards for security personnel, administrators, sponsors, and other officials for quick identification and coordination. You can also give lanyards to students, parents, and other attendees upon entry to ensure that only those who have been “authorized” are inside the school grounds.

For concerts held in the school grounds, try handing out different colors of lanyards per audience section – this will help segregate the crowd and let you know if there are stragglers from other areas.

During regular school days, visitors, authorized guardians, and other guests may be issued lanyards as identification that they have been checked and allowed by the school’s security to enter the premises. The colors and labels printed on their lanyards can help identify their purpose in visiting the school.


Whether you’re a student or an alumnus, you can always raise funds for your school’s structural improvements or curricular and academic development. Customized lanyards and bracelets are some of the items you can sell that will promote not only school spirit, but also generate funds for the causes and projects that you support.

Furthermore, you can also raise awareness for campaigns and other endeavors that you want to undertake for your school, which can eventually help create more sources of funds and invite more supporters.

Lanyards are easily customizable materials, simple enough to meet any design requirements, and, what’s more, very affordable to produce for whatever purpose you desire. It’s about time we see these lanyards as more than straps – your imagination and creativity can take this simple “ID lace” to greater possibilities. has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.6/5 based on 3725 ratings and reviews.