Dual Layer Wristbands

Dual Layer Wristbands are glossy, oil-sprayed accessories with a glossy feel and colored, debossed designs. They’re often used in celebratory or cause-oriented evnts to display messages or symbols that a group feels strongly about.

The dual layered wristbands is a special type of imprinting where we will oil spray the outer part of the wristbands with your desired color, while keeping the original debossed portion the same color as the original wristbands. The wristbands will have a glossy texture due to the oil spray, and it will look more unique.
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About Dual Layer Wristbands

Dual-layer wristbands demonstrate a unique and eye-catching way to showcase an organization’s logo or inspirational message. Even though they’re costlier, the use of two or more colors allows them to stand out among similarly designed accessories. Indeed, they can make a huge difference for any cause by increasing the visual impact of awareness bracelets during campaigns or fundraising programs.
Putting it simply, dual-layer wristbands can be described as a variation of debossed rubber bracelets, with an extra treatment process for a more distinctive and colorful look. To create their unique appearance, a customer’s chosen message or logo is pressed into the surface to for an inward effect. Afterward, a novel type of imprinting is used, where a special mixture is sprayed on the outer edge. This allows manufacturers to put a different color on the outermost surface while retaining the debossed area’s original color.
When compared with most of the other types of wristbands, dual-layer wristbands tend to be more expensive. However, their vibrant and distinctive look don’t just easily grab attention. They also add some extra flair to any design, helping any message become more memorable. At the same time, having the message recessed protects it from wear and tear, allowing it to last longer than imprinted bracelets. This makes for durable accessories that your donors or guests can continue wearing even after your event. If you have some extra room in your budget, then this is an effective long-term way to promote your cause or brand.
In spite of dual-layer wristbands’ similarity to their debossed counterparts, the colorful result more than justifies the extra cost for producing them. Indeed, having more than one color to work with makes them a versatile way to showcase any logo or message. For those with bigger budgets, this makes for a great way to boost fundraising and stand out from other organizations.
If you want to know how dual layer wristbands and other styles of wristbands are made, you can check out our guide on everything wristbands by clicking this link.
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