Embossed Wristbands

Embossed wristbands are silicone bracelets which have designs that are physically raised higher than the rest of the accessory’s surface. Logos, names or statements can be embossed, allowing them to stand out and become easier to notice.

The embossed wristbands is the opposite of the popular debossed wristbands, where your message is raised on the wristbands instead of being engraved, creating a pop-out effect. Your message should stand out more compared to the debossed wristbands. This is the ideal option to be unique, as not many wristbands are produced with this style.
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About Embossed Wristbands

Embossing is another means to translate an organization’s message or logo to a rubber bracelet. Putting it simply, embossed wristbands are the opposite of the original debossed wristbands popularized by Lance Armstrong and his Livestrong Foundation.
Instead of being depressed into the silicone or rubber, the message or logo is raised from the bracelet’s surface. A small difference like this creates a unique pop-out 3D effect that allows designs to stand out even more. This is especially true when compared to the inward appearance of debossed wristbands. As a result, these designs are best for c companies and organizations who want to get noticed right away by potential donors or supporters. What’s more, embossing’s historical use in leather-bound books, classical architecture, and fancy business cards allows it to add a dash of style to any design or message.
Indeed, embossed wristbands are a great way to achieve a unique look for your customized awareness bracelets. This despite and possibly also because of its lack of popularity when compared to other bracelet variants. However, because the design is raised instead of recessed, this type of wristband is slightly more prone to long-term wear and tear. Even so, embossed designs are still guaranteed to last longer than imprinted ones—since the design doesn’t rely on easily worn-off ink. In addition, its unique look more than makes up for its drawbacks regarding its durability.
Generally, giveaways and freebies provide a lot of fund raising value for non-profit organizations. Hence, it’s vital to leave a good impression with unique designs that help provide them with increased exposure for their chosen cause or disease. This is especially true for smaller organizations, who tend to possess a smaller budget than bigger ones. Embossed wristbands’ impactful designs are great for grabbing attention and converting new supporters for any cause.
Interested in learning more about emboss wristbands? We have a very comprehensive guide on everything you need to know about wristbands here. Check it out!
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