Reasons Why You Should Use Acrylic Badge Holders

acrylic badge holders

It’s easy to determine the usefulness of acrylic badge holders. They may sometimes seem like just a small piece of an accessory, but it should be something that everyone should consider using. In this article, we will discuss a few reasons why you should use acrylic badge holders. Read on to know more. 

How are they made?

Badge holders come in different sizes, colors, shapes, and forms. There are badge holders that are made out of aluminum, plastic, silicone, leather, and acrylic. But acrylic is one of the most commonly used materials in making a badge holder. It is known for its stiffness, durability, and clarity. The acrylic material has the ability to withstand any kind of weather. It is also more impact-resistant. Acrylic badge holders will surely protect your IDs from different elements and increase the ID cards’ lifespan. You can attach it to a lanyard. You can also clip it into any item of clothing. Badge holders are usually sealed so it is a great way to keep the everyday dirt and grime away. This reduces the need for often ID replacements. 

What are its uses?

Do you regularly bring with you an RFID chip that contains confidential or personal information? These days, there are many concerns with regard to security. Most companies are doing their best in improving their security. And luckily, it is now easier to achieve that. With the correct tools, software, and accessories, organizations are now more secured than ever. Badge holders may seem to be a simple tool but it is a relevant accessory in keeping the company secured. It is easier now for employees or students to display their ID cards religiously. It speeds up the wearer’s time to go through security checks. Badge holders will help you keep them safe and secured.

Badge holders also help maintain the lifespan of ID cards. Imagine if ID cards are displayed without badge holders. They probably would fade faster. They wouldn’t last as long as you originally expected. 

We all have our preferences on how we want to wear our badges. There’s usually no restriction when it comes to the badge holder’s sizes. Its orientation can either be landscape or portrait. They can also be attached to a custom badge reel. This allows the wearer for quicker access and prevents any losses. 

Since most people are naturally busy, sometimes it takes too much for them to take out their IDs. It could delay time or a line if you have to search for your ID inside your pouch or waller. It will be much easier when IDs are attached to acrylic badge holders.

Badge holders as a promotional tool

Badge holders are a great tool for branding. You can use your acrylic badge holders with a lanyard that usually contains the company logo or slogan. They are a well-known giveaway during conferences, school events, trade shows, etc. Event organizers also usually use badge holders for easier identification.

Badge holders are truly more than just an item to attach your ID cart onto. From acrylic lanyards to silicone lanyards, there is a wide variety of customization options for this accessory. Wristband Creation can customize your very own acrylic badge holder. We have a team of experienced customer service representatives who will guide you in customizing your own badge holder. For more information about our acrylic badge holder, call us at (800) 403-8050 or email us at has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.6/5 based on 3727 ratings and reviews.