Rubber Bracelets for Men: How to Make Them Look Good on You

Gone are the days when fashion and caring about #OOTDs are centered on women alone. Men DO care about their looks, no matter how they try to downplay it.

But what happens when a seemingly innocuous fashion item – the rubber bracelet – comes into the picture? How do you seamlessly incorporate a rather cheap, casual item into a look without screaming “tacky”? Here are some guidelines.

Stick to One Color

The color scheme of your bracelet should be dictated by the main band, while complementary colors should be used for the other wristband design elements. For example, if the bracelet is blue, you can opt for muted orange text. This way, you don’t look garish, trying hard, or out of place.

If you must have multiple colors on your bracelet’s band, try gunning for two or three at most. Toning down the hues can make these multi-colored bracelets easy on the eyes.

Use It as an Accent

For those who can’t part with their favorite rubber bracelets, even in a more formal setting, try it as a color accent. Much like a necktie, a pocket square, or an adventurous pair of socks, your wristband can serve as an understated highlight to your outfit.

You also don’t have to exactly match the color of your bracelet to your other accessories. Just ensure that it’s in a shade that doesn’t clash with the rest of your outfit.

Be Bold if Casual, Be Subtle if Formal

In a more casual environment, you can call attention to your rubber bracelet as much as you want. Are you sporting an all-black ensemble? Go for contrasting yellow concert wristbands to draw the eye. This is especially helpful for those who want to promote a certain cause or start a campaign.

For formal occasions, your rubber bracelet should be more understated. Just let it peek from the edge of your coat’s sleeve. Think of it like a watch – you don’t have to call attention to it, but when it gets noticed, it receives full interest.

Be a One-Band Man

Layering works for everyday fashion, but nothing says “tacky” more than a stack of rubber bracelets. If you stack your wristbands together, no matter how stylish each piece is, they’ll draw focus away from the message or image that you want to convey. At most, you can wear one band on each wrist – just make sure that the colors don’t clash.

If, for example, you want to promote several organizations, don’t wear all their rubber bracelets at the same time. You can promote these groups by attaching a small pin on your lapel, making a custom cover or case for your phone, or perhaps wearing a shirt with an embroidered logo on the pocket. Rubber bracelets are an easy, affordable way to show support for a cause or make a statement, but it isn’t the only way, fashion-wise.

Bracelet + Watch

There are people who find it awkward to wear accessories on both wrists, so they feel compelled to put on watches and bracelets all on one arm. If you really feel the need to layer, wear a watch and a rubber bracelet on one wrist. Anything more and it will look and feel bulky.

Again, when you’re going for a smarter, more formal look, go for subtler colors. Casual and “street” looks can take advantage of brighter shades.

Rubber bracelets may be cheap, but with careful consideration of clothing styles, you can make them look good and fashionable in any setting. has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.6/5 based on 3754 ratings and reviews.