School Wristbands and Other Promotional Items

school promotional items

According to a study made by, an average U.S Citizen spends 15% – 29% of their lives in school. This means that using promotional products as part of your school branding strategy will give a positive return. You can create a positive school environment both for your students and faculties. Promotional items such as wristbands, lanyards, and drawstring bags are the most ideal giveaways. 

Teach your students to fight against bullying and let them be aware of social issues. To do this, you can have them celebrate Red Ribbon Week or Anti-Bullying Month. Make it more fun by giving away awareness school wristbands and let them wear them along with your school logo for better brand reach. As a leading promotional item provider, we strategically listed a list of the most useful products for your next school giveaway. 

school wristbands

Drawstring Bags

This is the most useful promotional product that everyone will surely love. Let the students have something where they could stash in all of their stuff and be always on-the-go. 

school wristbands


If your goal is to reach maximum exposure, lanyards are the best way to go. Lanyards are used by all students and teachers as a tool for identification. Putting your school logo on the wristband can help you reach a whole lot of exposure, even from outside of the school premises. 

school wristbands


Several schools let their students and teachers celebrate several social issue awareness. What’s a more efficient way than to use school wristbands or make a special imprinted wristband connected to the cause to make everyone united. 

school wristbands


It’s not just the students who need to jot down notes. Even the professors or teachers need something where they could write down some of the notes for remembering. 

school wristbands

Badge Holder

Let everyone from your school secure their identification cards, RFID cards or any other types of cards in their own custom badge reels. Badge holders, like lanyards, can help you reach a lot of exposure. 

school wristbands


Pens are a common school giveaway. You can customize your pens in a lot of creative ways.  They can be made into different fun shapes, they can be made clickable, or made from different materials. Those who will receive these fun custom pens will surely use them regularly and could give a real positive marketing impact. 

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