3 Simple Tips to Avoid Losing Your Keys

3 Simple Tips to Avoid Losing Your Keys

Despite their importance in our daily lives, we still lose keys from time to time. Their small size makes them both easy to misplace and hard to locate. Indeed, losing your keys can be frustrating, especially when you’re in a hurry. Everyday tasks such as going to work or picking up your kids can be a hassle when you can’t find your keys on time. Thankfully, there are simple ways to make sure you never lose your keys again. Here are some ideas you can consider:

1. Incorporate Them Into Your Accessories

Another option for your keys is to make them part of your daily fashion. You can do this by using a trendy and stylish lanyard or other similar means. This will make sure that your keys are always together with your other important stuff such as your IDs, phones, or flash drives. Alternatively, you can also attach your keys to a snuggly fit bracelet.  Attach keys to some old concert wristbands and lessen the chances of dropping them when you go out for a jog in the park.

2. Assign a Dedicated Area

Designate a specific area to put your keys. Place your key holder near places that you immediately see when you leave and arrive at your house. This includes the space near your light switch, above your shoe rack, behind the main door or beside the mail pouch in your kitchen. What’s important is that you dedicate a single place where you’ll always put your keys. You can even create colorful DIY signs near the key holder to remind you to hang your keys in that same spot every day. This way, if ever you misplace your keys, this dedicated spot will be the first place you’ll look for it.

3. Go Big and Bright

Keys can easily get lost because of their size. Make them noticeable by attaching them to big and colorful items. Use a fluffy mini-pompom or a cartoon figure as key chains so you can immediately spot your keys. You can also fasten your keys to a unique memorabilia or gift so you’ll take extra care not to lose it. If you have some lying around, you can also attach them to a brightly-colored gel bracelet that’ll be easy to spot.

Bonus Tip: Always Have a Backup Plan

Sometimes, some misfortunes just can’t be avoided. To prepare for them, it’s best to have a backup plan. Always have an extra set of keys and leave them with a trusted neighbor or relative living close to your home. You can also assign a secret key container within your backyard. Yet another option is to choose an unnoticeable area to hide your keys so only you can find them in an emergency.


We’ve all lost our keys at one point in our lives, but there are ways to help avoid it. The above-mentioned tips can help you secure and keep track of your keys. Applying these tips will save you the effort of finding lost keys and help you avoid the hassle of having a new set made.

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