Successfully Managing Your Event Staff

Organizing an event can be challenging, what with the amount of details that event coordinators have to consider. From studying the brand and creating the event concept to ingress logistics and organizing the proceedings during the actual event, there are tons of things, including sourcing items like wholesale wristbands, that need to be ironed out in order for an event to run like clockwork and conclude successfully.

One of the most important things that event coordinators have to deal with is managing the event staff. It is really only through the combined efforts of people with different roles can an event become successful, so it is really important for event staff members to work in synergy.

In order for you to achieve your goal of efficiently managing people under your supervision during an event, we’re providing you with a few ideas that you can work with.

Create an event grid or checklist

When organizing an event, it is important to create an event checklist where you can itemize all the things that the team needs to take care of. These will include budget considerations, permits and applications, advertising and promotion, invitations and giveaways, set design and events décor, catering, event program, audiovisual requirements, talents and performers, and so on.

In your checklist, it should be easy to pinpoint who the people responsible for particular items are, what actions have been taken, and when these items have to be completed or accomplished.

Break your team into smaller groups

It is often the case that an event is big enough for each individual aspect of the affair to need an overseer just to make sure that things will run smoothly. Go ahead and break your events team into smaller groups, each of which can handle different responsibilities. Some can take charge of the registration, while others can act as ushers for the attendees. A team can handle on-stage requirements, while a separate group can take care of the lights, music, and videos.

Each team should be well-briefed about what is expected of them during the event. During staff conferences, go through the responsibilities of each of the teams, and make sure to address all of their concerns and questions.

Make certain that staff members are easy to find during the event

It can be frustrating for fellow coordinators or even the event attendees to not be able to find the people they need during an event. It would help if all event staff members wear the same shirt or uniform so that they can find one another easily, and guests who might have concerns will also know whom to ask help from.

You may also consider acquiring accessories that can help you in this objective. These include neon-colored lanyards and brightly colored wristbands, which can make staff members really stand out from the crowd.

Keep your communication lines open

Event venues can be extraordinarily expansive, so it is of utmost importance that everyone is able to contact their team members through radio communication or via smartphones. Make sure that each staff member has everyone else’s contact details even before the event begins. Also allot ample time to ensure that requirements like communication devices and data plans are in place, ready for when the event starts.

While mounting an event can be challenging, many difficulties can be avoided if you plan ahead and coordinate your efforts in an organized and systematic way. has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.6/5 based on 3743 ratings and reviews.