The Comeback of the Controversial Custom Snap Bands

slap bands

Do you remember snap bands? Surely you do. These were once the biggest craze in the ‘90s that all the school kids have. However, these were eventually banned after a student in New York accidentally sliced herself up and scared most of her classmates and teachers. But this accessory that was cherished by many kids and pre-teens in the 1980s and 1990s is making a modern comeback. Read on to know more how custom snap bands are making a comeback. 

History of Snap Bands

The multi-million dollar idea of inventing the famous slap bands was from a high school teacher from Wisconsin. His name was Stuart Anders. In 1983, he was fiddling around with steel ribbons in his father’s shop when invented the slap bands. 

The original snap bands were first marketed as “Slap Wraps.” It consists of a long piece of steel that was covered in fabric. Once slapped, the bracelet steel curved into a bracelet shape when slapped on to the wrists. 

And since then, the snap bands grew popularity among people of all ages in the ‘90s. This was mainly popular among kids. And was used as a handy toy and was used by teens and young adults as a fashion statement. 

Why it’s famous again?

For those who weren’t aware of the famous slap bands, here is a quick overview of this trendy material: picture a colorful band that is not exactly a bracelet that can instantly be transformed into a fun accessory once slapped onto your wrist. 

So the question now is, how is it going to make a comeback? For those who have fond memories with this famous bracelet who were kids back then that are now young adults can transform these used-to-be toys into an edgy fashion accessory. Some companies have also taken advantage of this fun accessory. They started incorporating it with modern technology which then resulted in the now well-known snap bands fitness tracker. 

Custom snap bands are also making a name as an inexpensive and effective promotional item. This is because, like party wristbands, slap bands are an item that is easily customizable. By choosing the right design and color, it easily becomes an advertising item that would take your branding to a new level. 

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