The Different Uses of Custom Woven Wristbands

The Different Uses of Custom Woven Wristbands


Wristbands were first introduced in the 1980s and they were popularly known as gel bands. However, due to the widespread attention that the Livestrong wristbands, the use of wristbands have become common and are utilized by many businesses. Most people know wristbands as an item to raise awareness. But did you know that wristbands are also a great way to help you better manage an event? And did you also know that wristbands can help you better promote your business? This article will tell you more about the different uses of custom woven wristbands and how organizers use this for better crowd-control. 


Access control is very important especially for events with a really huge crowd. It has been an effective tool used by most organizers to better monitor their visitors. Most organizers hand these over to the guests upon entry. Its security features help organizers in monitoring those who are entering and leaving the event premises. 

Preventing Fraud

It can be hard sometimes to prevent fraud especially for events with a large audience. Therefore, having everyone required to wear these entry wristbands will better help the organizers to spot which ones are the gatecrashers. Woven wristbands are also customizable with a barcode so that it would be hard to copy or counterfeit them. 

Promoting Your Brand

The best thing about woven bracelets is that they are very versatile. Custom woven wristbands are an excellent promotional item. This wristband is highly customizable. Therefore, this allows the organizers to promote their businesses by incorporating their brand logo and name on the woven bracelets. Imagine having everyone wear these bracelets that have your logo in it. It would be a very effective way for brand recall. 

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