What are Custom Sweat Wristbands For?

History of Sweat Wristbands

Sweat wristbands were originally invented by Fred Perry, a tennis and sportswear legend. He is famous for being the first British player to have won all four Grand Slam events. He thought of a way to absorb sweat from his hands and face while he’s playing at the court. And it became an instant hit. And now, almost all tennis players from all over the world wear custom sweat wristbands. 

Today, sweat wristbands are designed with different styles, colors, and purposes. In this article, we will break down the different uses of sweat wristbands.

Sweat Wristbands for Sports

It’s not just tennis players who use sweat wristbands. In fact, almost all athletes at any sport use this both for fashion and for wiping off sweat while in the middle of a game. These athletes tend to move around a lot and use as much energy and speed all throughout their games. Thus, making them sweat. And this could be a distractive factor.This is why sweat wristbands, along with sports wristbands, have become a real necessity for athletes to use as it helps absorb flowing sweat from the forehead or any other parts where sweat can be wiped off.

Sweat Wristbands for Fundraising

Wristbands have become synonymous with fundraising and charities. And since sweat wristbands have as many functions and exposure as the usual silicone wristbands, it is often used as a fundraising tool too. In fact, U.S tennis player Andy Roddick uses blue wristbands with the words “No Compromise.” He did this to raise money for children. And since then, blue wristbands have become very popular with tennis players. 

Sweat Wristbands for Promotion

These sweat wristbands are more than just an item to absorb sweat, they also an accessory to raise funds and awareness. Sweat wristbands are an effective and low-cost promotional tool. Many companies can afford to give these away for free. And custom sweat wristbands have a wide range of customization options. Choose a design that best expresses your brand.

There are numerous ways you can utilize these custom sweat wristbands. For more information about WristbandCreation’s sweat wristbands, call us at (800) 403–8050 or email us at sales@wristbandcreation.com

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