What You Need to Know About Woven Lanyards


If you are planning to use lanyards as a promotional tool to your business then you are already on the right track. And if you already know the differences between each type of lapel pins then you are doing great. But, if you still need more convincing on why you choose woven lanyards for your next event, then this article is for you. This article is meant to inform you more about the bestselling woven lanyards. Read on to know more. 

The process of making woven lanyards is, in fact, very easy. It’s almost similar to embroidering a shirt. However, this is a little more expensive than regular polyester lanyards or nylon lanyards. The logo or message of your choice is weaved directly into the lanyards making them more evidently stand out. It gives a more textured feel. Your lanyards will definitely draw more attention. 

And justs like any regular lanyards, woven lanyards are also able to support any kind of attachment. Whether it’s a split ring, bulldog clip, metal swivel, thumb hook, or any other attachment, it will surely look good on the woven lanyards. 

Ways to use as a Promotional Item

Numerous companies and organizations require id cards that are noticeable while they are at their establishments. Custom lanyards give all the advantages of conveying the identification cards. It makes it simpler to see clearly the identity of whoever comes in and out of the establishment. Plus, custom lanyards give a great brand presence. These are usually given away at big events like trade shows, music fests, concerts, business or school events. And for your brand to stand out more, woven lanyards are the most ideal option. 

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