What’s the Difference Between a KN95 Face Mask and a 3ply Face Mask?

KN95 face mask and 3ply face mask are two of the most popular personal protective equipment. These are used by many professionals like health workers and are a favorite for public use. But how do we know which of the two should we use in certain circumstances? Is one more effective than the other? In this blog, we will narrow down the differences between a KN95 face mask and a 3ply face mask.


kn95 face masks

KN95 Face Mask

If you’re looking for a face mask that will protect you from breathing in hazardous pollutants, the best option is a KN95 face mask. This type of face mask has a better fit. It covers the whole mouth and nose area perfectly and only leaves very minimal to no space at all. And despite them being more tightly-fitting, they are still very comfortable to use and does not restrict breathing. KN95 masks have at least 95% filtration efficiency for airborne particles including large and small particles.

3ply Face Mask

It is a well-known fact that viruses are easily spread between people in close proximity. With the use of a 3ply face mask, virus transmission can be reduced. This type of face mask is intended to be worn by health care professionals during medical procedures. However, experts encourage the public to wear a 3ply face mask especially if social distancing can be difficult. These places include grocery stores, parks, churches, or the streets. A 3ply face mask catches microorganisms spread through liquid droplets and splashes. These are made from non-woven material, and unlike KN95 face masks, this type of mask is more loose-fitting. It consists of a three-layer material where each layer has its own purpose. The outer layer is for repelling liquid, the middle layer is for filtering out bacteria, and the most important later, the innermost part can absorb water, droplets, and spit. 

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