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How is Silicone Made?

  As one funny slogan on the web puts it: “Feel it up, feel it down—silicon is all around!” It’s a fitting introduction to silicon, the 14th element of the periodic table and the second most abundant element (behind only oxygen) found on the crust of our planet. But silicon is not to be interchanged […]

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5 Ways You Can (Re)Use Your Old Wristbands

Rubber wristbands were just about everywhere in the early 2000s. The iconic yellow “Livestrong” rubber bracelets, popularized by superstar athlete Lance Armstrong, kicked off a massive trend for them 15 years ago. These trinkets were cheap and easy to produce, highly customizable, and constructed out of long-lasting material such as silicone. They were (and still […]

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5 Practical Tips for Designing a School Lanyard

  School lanyards are now more than just accessories for holding the school I.D. The availability of customization means that it can be a part of the school uniform and its identity. Carrying the school colors, a lanyard can even embody the school spirit in its design as well as promote causes and ideas worth […]

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