Hard Enamel Lapel Pins

Looking for lapel pins? Whatever style or type of pin that you are looking for, we are 100% sure that you’ll get to find it here at wristbandcreation.com. Considered as one of the most versatile promotional products in the market which we do handcraft and custom design to fit your exact needs. We offer a complete product line of stock pins in a wide array of designs you can imagine which is definitely perfect for all functions whether it is for recognition, fashion, awareness purposes etc.

Leave it to the experts! We are a team of highly experienced lapel pin experts who will help you to complete your order smoothly from designing until order fulfilment. We guarantee to provide you a world-class product and service throughout the entire process.

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Pricing Table

Measurement is based on the longest diameter.
Qty Price
100 $2.56
200 $1.93
300 $1.43
500 $1.20
1000 $0.98
2500 $0.91
5000 $0.77
Qty Price
100 $2.65
200 $2.04
300 $1.55
500 $1.31
1000 $1.12
2500 $0.95
5000 $0.84
Qty Price
100 $2.78
200 $2.24
300 $1.65
500 $1.44
1000 $1.26
2500 $1.09
5000 $0.98
Qty Price
100 $2.93
200 $2.39
300 $1.86
500 $1.57
1000 $1.35
1000 $1.18
1000 $1.05

Hard Enamel- is our most popular and perceived as the highest quality pins available.  Also known as Cloisonné pins or epola pins, made with modernized technique based on old Chinese workmanship. Hard enamel pins are first die-struck then a high quality enamel paint is then filled into the recessed areas. The pin will then undergo a meticulous hardening through heat at a very high temperature which helps to make the pin very durable, and then polished off smooth to achieve a high gloss finish for a bright and lustrous appearance.

This makes our hard enamel pins perfect for all commemorative events whether it is for corporate events, brotherhood such as fraternity and sorority, school activities and recognition, honoring a military member, or political related functions. You have great flexibility in terms with design and custom shapes. You can also select from our broad selection of Pantone/PMS colors.

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Lapel Pins Color:

  • Gold Gold
  • Silver Silver
  • nickel.png Nickel
  • brass Brass
  • copper Copper
  • black-nickel Black Nickel
  • antique-gold Antique Gold
  • antique-silver Antique Silver
  • antique-brass Antique Brass
  • antique-copper Antique Copper