Streamline Your Event’s Admission Process with the Use of Wristband Tickets

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Although the primary purpose of a ticket is to serve as verification that a person paid to attend an event, it has other uses that benefit both attendees and organizers. For event-goers, receiving a ticket is part of the entire experience, as they consider it as proof of their participation. They also treat their ticket as a souvenir, reminding them of the fun moments they had during the event. For event organizers, tickets make it easier to properly plan for capacity management and track attendance. Organizers also have the option to sell different tickets at varying price points so that they can maximize their earnings.


Typically, event tickets are printed on silk or gloss finish paper and are distributed to the attendees. However, many organizers are leaning towards wristband tickets for the following reasons:




Wrist tickets are far more convenient than traditional tickets. Attendees can easily put them on their wrists and forget about them, freeing up their hands and pockets for other essentials. Wrist tickets are also easier to present compared to traditional tickets. Event-goers no longer have to rummage through their bags to look for their tickets. They can simply show their wrist ticket that’s already around their wrist to security and enter the premises without much hassle.



Efficient Entry


One of the key reasons event organizers are embracing wrist tickets is the significant enhancement they provide in terms of entry efficiency. A lot of wrist tickets are designed for quick and easy scanning, ensuring a smooth entry process. This efficiency reduces wait times at the gates, ultimately preventing long lines and delays. When attendees can get into the event smoothly, organizers can manage the flow of the crowd more effectively. 


Loss Prevention


Traditional paper tickets have a knack for getting lost, and losing a ticket can be a frustrating experience for both attendees and organizers. With a wrist ticket, however, the chances of event-goers losing their tickets are lowered. This is because high-quality wrist tickets are typically made from durable materials that are built to withstand the rigors of an event. Some wristbands are also secured by a strong, water-resistant adhesive or lock to ensure that the tickets stay on their wearer. Thanks to their construction, there’s no risk of leaving them behind, accidentally discarding them, or having them fall out of a pocket. 


Reduced Ticket Forgery


Wristband event tickets can incorporate various security features that can prevent ticket forgery and unauthorized access. Holograms, UV ink, and unique barcodes can make it difficult for counterfeiters to replicate the wristbands accurately. Moreover, high-quality wrist tickets are also tamper-resistant. This means that once they’re attached, they’ll be difficult to remove without obvious signs of tampering.


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What to Look for in Wristband Tickets?


If you’re looking for wristbands you can use as tickets for your event, it’s in your best interest to take the following factors into account. This ensures that the type of wristband you’re getting suits your needs and you can get the most out of it.




The material of the wristbands determines how well they can withstand wear and tear. For this reason, you want to choose a material that’s not only sturdy but water-resistant and long-lasting as well. Wristbands made of plastic and fabric are excellent options since they can endure the demands of an event. When worn, your attendees can rest easy knowing that they don’t have to worry about their tickets getting damaged or deteriorating during their time at the venue. 


Apart from durability, however, you should also get wristbands that are comfortable to wear. The tickets should be soft and non-irritating to the skin so that attendees can wear them for extended periods without discomfort. 




You want your event tickets to look unique, and selecting a wristband with customizable design elements allows you to make a strong visual impression and enhance the attendee experience. With the right type of wrist ticket, you can feature different designs, such as event logos, colors, and specific information, to reinforce the event’s identity. This can help with branding and event promotion.


Security and Access Control Features


Wristband event tickets can also incorporate various features that can improve the event’s security and access control. One example is Radio Frequency Identification or RFID. This technology can be used to determine who can access what part of the venue. For example, people who pay for general admission tickets can only access the main concert hall. But for those who paid for premium tickets, they can access the VIP lounge. Security personnel, on the other hand, can wear special wristbands that give them access to all areas to ensure everyone’s safety and security. 



Let Wristband Creation Supply Your Event with High-Quality Wrist Tickets


If you’re planning to use wristbands as tickets for your upcoming event, browse through Wristband Creation’s catalog and choose one that suits your preferences. Our company is your trusted partner for all your wristband needs. With over a decade of experience in the industry and tens of thousands of satisfied clients worldwide, you can rest assured that our wrist ticket options can handle the demands of your event, whether it’s a concert, conference, or esports tournament.


Of the different wristbands you can find on our website, we recommend the following products you can use as tickets:


Plastic Wristbands 


Our tear-resistant, stretch-resistant, and water-resistant plastic wristbands are versatile and very comfortable to wear, making them an excellent choice for your event. They’re also designed with a single snap closure to ensure that they stay on the wearer and prevent ticket transfer.


Tyvek Wristbands.


Tyvek wristbands may look and feel like paper, but they’re actually made of flash-spun, high-density polyethylene fibers. This material makes them water-resistant and tamper-proof, and when paired with a peel-off adhesive, they’re easy to apply. Tyvek wristbands are also one of our cost-effective products.


Fabric Wristbands


If you prefer a unique yet stylish wristband option, our fabric wristbands make an excellent choice. Their high-quality fabric makes them remarkably durable but gentle on the skin. For extra security, you can choose from different locks or closures to ensure that these wristbands stay attached to the wearer.

Each of our wrist ticket options can be customized to your liking. You get to choose the base color you want, the text you want to include, and the design you want to display. For more information about our products, give us a call at (800) 403-8050 or email us at