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Yes, you definitely can! Just click on the “Upload Clipart” button on our Order Now page to upload your logo. Please take note that your logo must be under 2MB, and only .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png, .tiff, .pdf, .psd, .cdr, .ai, and .eps files are accepted. Alternatively, you can email it to us at sales@wristbandcreation.com with your order details, and we will help you complete your order.

There is no minimum quantity. You can order as low as 1 wristband if you like.

There is a maximum of 40 characters for each of the front message and back message, for a total of 80 characters. If you choose the wrap around option, there is a maximum of 80 characters.

You can check out our wristband size guide by clicking here. Typically, our customers choose the medium sized wristbands. They would choose the youth size if the wristbands will be worn for kids, and adult size if it will be worn by bigger adults. If you need a particular size of wristband not listed in our guide, we can still make a custom size. Please reach us at (800) 403-8050.

You can check out our wristband width guide by clicking here. The best seller is the 1/2” wide wristbands. Those are typically the width of wristbands you see everywhere, including the popular Lance Armstrong Livestrong wristbands. Some people opt to choose the 1-inch-wide wristbands for a bolder message

We have a list of over a thousand colors you can choose from on our Pantone Color Chart. We use Pantone Matching System, so the color you choose will come out exactly as you want it to be in your actual wristbands. This applies for both wristband colors and imprint/fill colors.

Yes, our molds and printing plates are made from scratch, so basically we can put anything you like on the wristbands. If you have a hand sketch or digital image available, please email it to sales@wristbandcreation.com with your order details, and we will assist you to complete your order.

Yes, we can do that too. Just email us the name of the font you wanted to use, or if you have a draft or digital image available to sales@wristbandcreation.com. We will assist you from there.

Yes, we have a mock up graphic artist in-house to help you on this. We do have a fee of $10.00 to create a digital mock up.

Yes, you can order additional wristband sizes to fit your needs, but any additional size means that we will have to make additional molds or additional printing plates. Each additional size after the first will incur an additional charge of $40.00.

Yes, you can, but same with the additional sizes, there will be an additional fee of $40.00 for each additional message after the first.

Yes, you can have your 100 free wristbands distributed in any way you want, as long as it is a wristband that is part of your order. You can edit the quantity of free wristbands in the Order Now page to your desired colors and sizes.

Both the front message and back message are on the outer side of the wristband, with each representing half of the outer portion of the wristband. The inside message is the entire part that touches your wrist when you are wearing the wristband

All inside messages will be embossed or raised. It can only be seen if you look at it from the inside while not wearing the wristbands. It is a good option for those that want to add a phone number, a website, a hashtag, or a short message.

Just like any printed t-shirt, the quality of color will gradually fade the more than it is being used and washed. Same with the imprinted wristbands that over time, the ink can slowly lose its brightness and not look like the original, but the text will always be readable.

Yes, you can do that. Just indicate it in the “Additional Options” box if you wanted a specific part of the message to be in a specific part of the wristband.

Since different colors are mixed together, you will find some hints of the combined color on the wristband. For example, if you choose a blue and yellow swirl wristband, you will find some hints of green on the wristband.

You can do this, but we will have to treat it as different orders, and the unit price will be based on the orders individually. For example, if you order 500 debossed and 500 imprinted, we will have to use the unit price break based on the 500 wristbands of each style.

Yes, we can imprint more than one color in your wristbands, especially if you have a logo that has several colors, or if you wanted to have different parts of your text in different colors. There will be an additional cost of $0.02 per wristband and a fixed setup cost of $10.00 for each additional imprint color after the first.

Yes, you can add as many colors on the wristband as you want in a swirl or segmented type wristband. Each additional color will incur an additional cost of $0.02 after the first two colors.

If you would like to make changes to your order, please inform us immediately by calling us at (800) 403-8050 so we can check on this right away. As long as the production has not yet begun, then you can still make changes. We recommend to inform us within 3-4 hours of placing your order, but it is still not a guarantee especially for rush orders.

If by any chance that the wristbands you received does not match your wristband order specifications, then we will be happy to reproduce them for you at no additional cost.

Yes, you can get your wristbands in your hands as quick as 3 days! Enter your wristband details first on our Order Now page to find out the quickest turnaround time based on your quantity and options selected.

Yes, we ship internationally all around the world, including countries such as Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland.

We put high importance to the turnaround time of the wristbands arriving to our customers, as we understand how a small delay in delivering the wristbands can create a huge impact in the usability of the wristbands. In rare instances that the wristbands arrive after the guaranteed delivery date, then we will offer a refund for the order to compensate for the inconvenience.

Our standard production time is 7 days and standard shipping time is 6 days, regardless of the quantity. If you needed the wristbands on a particular date, you can upgrade the production time and/or shipping time so that the guaranteed delivery date meets your in-hands date.

We always count days on our website and emails as business days.

Any duties and taxes on international shipment will be a responsibility of the buyer/customer as some goods are due for excise duty. Amount varies depending on the country of destination and will be billed to you by your local Customs.

We accept all types of major Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover). We also accept PayPal, Amazon Payments, checks, and bank wire transfers.

Yes, we do. After you customize your wristbands in our Order Now page, please choose the “Purchase Order” option to checkout. Alternatively, you can email us the Purchase Order to sales@wristbandcreation.com or send it through fax at (800) 807-0672.

Sorry, our prices are already one of the lowest in the industry. We cannot further give any discounts on top of our listed prices.

Yes, since we are a corporation registered in California, we are required by law to collect 9% sales tax for all customers with shipping address within California.

Our Order Now page is the best way to customize your wristbands and get an instant quotation online. Alternatively, you can call us at (800) 403-8050 and one of our sales representatives can assist you.

We are proud to be one of the lowest priced suppliers for customized silicone wristbands. If you find a price lower than ours, we will be happy to match their price and toss in a few extra wristbands for free to earn your business. Please email us the other company’s quotation or a screenshot at sales@wristbandcreation.com, or give us a call at (800) 403-8050.

Please let us know immediately by calling us at (800) 403-8050 if you would like to cancel your order for any reason. As long as production has not yet begun, you can cancel your order, but we need to apply a 10% cancellation fee for fees incurred in processing your refund.

Due to the customized nature of our wristbands, once the wristbands are in production, we cannot cancel the order anymore. We have already incurred costs into the production of your wristbands, and it is not possible to re-use the silicone material anymore.

Our wristbands are made out of 100% high quality silicone rubber. They are 100% latex free.

Yes, we can send you some sample wristbands so that you can see and feel the superior quality of our wristbands. Although we do not charge for the samples, we request if you can cover the shipping and handling costs of $5.00. You can order samples by clicking here.

We have been supplying wristbands since 2005, and until this date, we never had any complaints regarding any wristbands snapping off, or issues with the texture or elasticity of the wristbands. If you have seen the famous Lance Armstrong Livestrong wristbands, the quality of our wristbands are just like that.

Our company is located at 4470 W. Sunset Blvd., Unit 91526 Los Angeles, CA 90027. We operate as a corporation registered in California as Custom Promo Products Inc.

We have been in this industry since 2005, producing tens of millions of wristbands worldwide.

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